Winter Skincare Tips

The season of warm blankets and lazy sneak ins are just around the corner. So gear up all your winter essentials so that you can enjoy this cold yet soothing season. Along with hot chocolates, cozy blankets, and coffee, winters bring dull skin, hair fall, dry skin, and many other skin issues. For many people, the skin issues get so severe like skin cracking, flaking, and eczema. If you are one of those who face these skin problems during winters and search for skincare tips for winter? Then this article by My Mind Speaks is for you. We have covered it up for you. Read these fantastic hacks, which will help you to revitalize your skin and will keep your rosy glow intact.

Winter is another name of festivities, occasions and wedding season. And in this festive season, everyone wants to look perfect. But it’s meaningless to have a perfect dress, perfect shoes, perfect hair, but with imperfect skin. Here are some fantastic winter skincare tips that will help you to restore the moisture of your skin and will give you perfect skin in winters.

Avoid Super Hot Showers

Nothing seems more perfect than the hot steaming shower in the cold weather, but hot water os the biggest enemy of dry skin. You will read this in almost every article on winter skincare tips that hot water absorbs the moisture in your skin and leave your skin dry and flaky.

Woman taking a shower in bathroom at home

You must take a shower in lukewarm water. This will save you from having dry skin. If you want to take a hot shower real bad, then apply some essential oil before taking a shower will help you a lot. Consider it as essential skincare tips for winter.

Moisturize Your Skin After a Shower

It is quite vital to moisturize your skin as soon as you jump out of the shower. Some people only apply moisturizer on their face while it’s damp. But your body needs as much moisturizing as your face does. To avoid dry skin, always use a moisturizer on your body after shower.  Apply a little more amount on the areas which get dry faster like your ankle, heels, elbow, etc.

 Layer up your hands and feet with lotion or moisturizer, especially after the night shower. The best way to lock moisture after a shower is wearing some cotton gloves or socks after applying the cream. Sleep on wearing the socks and gloves, and when you wake up, you will feel the soft, smooth skin like never before. This is one of the best winter skincare tips you will ever get.

Eat Super Foods

It is said that you are what you eat and we can’t agree more that it’s very accurate. If you consume foods that are skin-friendly, you will get your dream skin. These are a few superfoods, after eating them you won’t be needing any winter skincare tips any more:

  • Avocado:

Avocados are best for flaky and dry skin. You might have seen people using it as one of the essential ingredients while making face masks. Eating Avocados is as beneficial as applying it to your skin. How about eating and applying at the same time?

  • Tangerines:

Tangerines are enriched with Vitamin A, and C. People who look for winter skincare tips should have an idea of what wonders this citrus fruit does. The vitamin C in Tangerines helps your skin in the rebuilding process and making it firm. It is one of the important skincare tips for winter.

  • Sweet Potatoes

This delicious superfood is fantastic for dry skin and is more beneficial when eaten without peeling off the peel. The vitamin A in sweet potatoes repair your skin and help to moisturize and plump up skin cells.

  • Coconut

There is no better natural moisturizer like coconut oil. You can drink it directly or use it in cooking to get its skin benefits. It is the best antioxidant that repairs your skin and keeps it moisturized.

Hang a Humidifier

If you are not allergic to humidifiers, hook up in your home or office. Humidifiers help to spread moisture in the air. Many heaters cause extreme hotness at the office or at home, which evaporates all the moisture from the air leaving your skin dry, cracky, and fragile. Using a humidifier at your place indoor may help you to decrease the occurrence of dryness.

Exfoliate Moderately

If you look for skin care tips for winter, you may find that exfoliation in winter can cause more dryness to your skin. The exfoliating scrubs and peels dehydrate your skin and leave them oil and moisture-free. This oil and moisture are what you need the most in winters. If you notice flakiness and dryness too much, replace your scrub with a foaming facial that contains essential oils. Consider it as one of the important skincare tips for winter.

Use Lip Balms

While considering winter skincare tips, people are only concerned about their face and body. We usually neglect our lips, but in actual lips are so thin that in winter, they become vulnerable to dryness. Applying a lip balm soothes and locks the moisture of the lips. It also helps to protect your lips from bacterial attacks. Many lip balms have ingredients that help in slowing down the aging process too. Applying a lip balm before going to bed can save your lips from chapping and flaking. People who are addicted to lip balm consider it as one of the essential winter skincare tips.

Use Night Creams Religiously

Many people skip this while giving winter skincare tips, but it is one of the vital rituals before going to bed. Applying night cream before going to bed can work magic. Night creams are enriched with anti-agers that nourish your skin, remove dark spots, eliminate wrinkles, and leave your skin moisturized. It helps your skin to repair damages and also protect it from more damage. You will never regret adding this to your bedtime routine.

We hope that these skincare tips for winter will be helpful for you to get the best skin as having a flakes-free moistured skin is every woman’s dream.


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