Winter Jacket Trends 2019

Are you one of those people who want to fight the cold weather without sacrificing on their fashion? Do you look for winter jacket trends 2019 all over the internet and in fashion magazines? Then you must read this article by My Mind Speaks.

When the temperature drops, it gets quite tricky to pick out an outfit that is fashionable, as well as beating the cold. You might look for winter fashion 2019 trends for a classy yet comfy look. Even in this chilly weather, you can look great and stylish by choosing the appropriate winter fashion 2019 trends. My Mind Speaks is here to tell you how to look fashionable and stay cozy at the same time.

Layers are one of the essentials to excel in the winter dressing, and nothing can beat cool jackets when it comes to layering. The jackets you choose totally depend on your sense of style. As jackets are the most picked items from your wardrobe, make sure to select your jackets wisely. In this, My Mind Speaks article, we will discuss some fantastic winter jacket trends 2019, which you can pull off perfectly along with your outfit.

Puffer Jackets

These padded jackets work wonders. They lock the heat even in the chilliest weather. This is one of the winter jacket trends 2019, which is not only pulled off by hip-hop stars, but also the mountaineers and explorers prefer to wear. If you want to try something new for winter fashion 2019 trends, then these puffer jackets are a perfect pick to start with.

If you are not comfortable with its heaviness, you can buy the lightweight ones. They are also as stylish as the heavy ones. Puffer jackets have always been a style statement itself, but playing with different colors or patterns can give you a ten-on-ten look.

Leather Jackets

The leather jackets are the most versatile and iconic winter jacket trends 2019. They have been in trend since forever. If you do not own this jacket yet, then this is one of the most important items your wardrobe is missing. This jacket never fails to portray your style statement, so be careful before choosing the type and colour of leather jackets.

The best thing about this staple is that it is one of the low maintenance of winter fashion 2019 trends. It makes you look as if you’ve put 100% effort into your dress. The styling with these jackets is as easy as ABC. You just need a good pair of jeans, a plain tee, and personalize it with your bag and shoes.

Shearling Coat

The shearling coats are one of the winter jacket trends 2019 that you’ll see a lot in the winter season. Many top-notch brands are working on these jackets to make them look more stylish and provide extra warmth.

If you do not prefer original sheepskin, you can go for faux shearling jackets. You can look for affordable yet good quality shearling coats/jackets which can perform wonderfully in the chilling temperature.

Teddy Coat

Teddy coats are one of the few winter jacket trends in 2019 that everyone agrees on. These coats are beloved because it makes you look like some fashion model from the ramp.

You can style the coat with plaid pants and white sneakers to give a jaw-dropping look.

This is one of the winter fashion 2019 trends that you can rely on not just this year but also in the years to come. You can always count on this classic mainstay to keep your winter style on point.

Bomber Jackets

This classic style piece comes in a diverse range for styles and is suitable for many occasions. Its quality of being versatile and fashionable, both at the same time, makes it quite popular amongst young people.

You can go for these amazingly stylish jackets to complete a casual outfit or to keep yourself warm in the freezing temperature. It compliments almost every outfit, whether it’s a pencil skirt or a pair of ripped jeans. They provide you warmth, which makes it the best pick for the mixed weather when its neither too much hot nor cold. You can style them with thermal outfits if the temperature drops more.

Cashmere Sweater

Bold prints and pop colors might be the winter fashion 2019 trends, but many of the times, people also look for some basic stuff which is easy going. This winter, the best go-to pick can be a classic cashmere sweater.

A simple neckline, a bit ripped cuffs, thick knitted, and preferably block color is more than enough to give the perfect stylish look this fall.

These sweaters can go perfectly with bag pants, pencil skirts, and jeans. But make sure to check the quality before buying these sweaters, there are different qualities of fiber used to manufacture these cashmere sweaters. The best way to check the quality is by touching. Never go for the sweater, which is a bit scratchy because the original cashmere sweaters are made to be soft and comfortable.

Knitted Jumpers

You can look on for different types of winter jacket trends 2019, but knitting is never out of fashion. It will give you a perfect chic transitional look. You can go for simple and classic knitted jumpers.

Simple doesn’t mean dull or boring; it means you can play with colors like beige, navy blue, grey, etc. You can give an updated look by styling a knitted jumper having a neckline with a beautiful skirt. You can also go for oversized knitted jumpers to make a perfect combination of comfy and cute.


Long coats or overcoats are one of the running winter jacket trends 2019.  And they should be because there is nothing more perfect than overcoats which keep you warm in the chilling cold. Whether they are pastel colors or bold, an overcoat is the best choice to invest it for the fall season.

You can try a variety of outfits with these overcoats. You can enjoy your favorite sweater or a high neckline tee with these coats.

Turtle Neck Sweaters

Going for turtle neck sweaters is one of the most solid styling approaches. A turtle neck sweater can be warm as well as comfortable in the cold season, then why not wear it every day?

You can wear this wardrobe essential in different ways, yet looking perfect and stylish. You can style this sweater along with another knitted sweater; you can tie it around your neck so that it can rest on your shoulders. Turtle necks are not just perfect for covering; they are also best for layering, you can wear them underneath your summer slipped dress to beat the cold.

Denim Jackets

Last but not least, denim jackets are the evergreen trend that can never fade. Whether it’s for school or a concert you can pull off these amazing jackets perfectly.

When following winter jacket trends 2019, you cannot miss out on denim jackets as they are the perfect picks and the very first choice of everyone. These jackets look incredible with almost everything. These were some of the latest winter jacket trends 2019, which you must follow to give the perfect stylish look this season.


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