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It is quite normal to feel thirsty after a spicy meal or a tiring day. Especially in summers, you feel thirsty even more. But sometimes, you feel thirsty even after drinking water.  Along with the urge to drinking water, you might also feel fatigued and dizziness.

As long as you are drinking water in an adequate amount, you should not feel thirsty often. But if the urge of drinking water continues, it means you are having some medical issues. In today’s My Mind Speaks article, we will discuss some of the health reasons which make you feel thirsty excessively.

Causes of Excessive Thirst

Thirst is a kind of signal from our system given to our brain that it needs water to perform well. So, it is reasonable to feel thirsty, but feeling thirsty frequently has something to do with your health. Our body is made up of 60% water. And its organs need water to function appropriately. And if our body if not hydrated enough, our body system won’t work correctly. Here are a few reasons which My Mind Speaks compiled about why you feel thirsty excessively even after drinking water.

Digestive Problem

Digestive issues like diarrhea and vomiting can cause water loss. If you are having any digestive issues, then you will eventually feel thirsty all the time. This digestive issue can disturb the electrolyte balance in our system, which leads to dehydration. When you are having diarrhea and vomiting, you will also feel faintness fatigue along with thirst. The best remedy is to drink sugar and salt dissolved in water. This will keep you hydrated as well as will cure your digestive problem. Dehydration can cause weakness too. Thus if you keep drinking water during this ailment, you will recover soon.

Too Much Salt Consumption

Consuming too much salt in your food also makes you feel thirsty. Our body needs to have a balance of water and sodium. When we consume excessive salt the balance gets disturbed, and we feel thirsty excessively. Everything we eat contains salt. So it is quite impossible to cut off the salt from our diet totally. But the consumption of salt should be in an adequate amount. To much salt also causes different diseases like blood pressure. Thus, the intake of salt should be limited to maintain the balance between sodium and water in our body.


Diabetes is caused because of the misfunction of our body to break down and store sugar appropriately. When you have diabetes, you urinate more frequently. And when you urinate more frequently, you feel the urge of drinking water even more. Excessive thirst and frequent urination are symptoms of diabetes. If you feel thirst more frequently even after drinking water, then you might have diabetes. You should consult the doctor as soon as possible. Diabetic patients cannot bear hunger or thirst for quite a long time. Thus, getting the proper treatment for diabetes is the best thing you should do.

Too Much Medicines Intake

Many medicines cause dry mouth. If you are taking regular medication for some cure you will have a dry mouth and will feel thirsty more often. There are many medicines for motion sickness and anti-allergy, which causes tremendous dry mouth. Make sure when you are taking these medicines, you should consume a lot of water. Drinking excessive water will prevent dry mouth and dehydration, along with maintaining the correct water balance in our body. Do not take such medicines on your own without prescribing by the doctors. There are many other severe side effects of such medications.

Mental Stress

Stress can cause many misfunction in our body, such as it can affect adrenal glands which result in low blood pressure. If you feel thirsty when you encounter any issue. This means it is because of chronic stress. Mental stress causes more issues like fatigue, anxiety, nervous breakdown, and many more. Stress also causes disturbed sleeping patterns and unhealthy diet because it vanishes the feeling of hunger. Thus managing your stress level will keep your thirst balanced. Try different remedies like meditation, music, laughter therapy to overcome your stress. Hair fall is also one of the significant symptoms of mental stress.

Autoimmune Diseases

There are many autoimmune diseases which cause dry eyes and dry mouth and make you feel thirsty a lot. This is because your glands are unable to produce enough saliva, which leaves your mouth dry. You should consult the doctor and take proper medications to cure this disease before it shows more symptoms.

How to Treat Eessive Thirst?

First, you should consult a doctor who will make a proper diagnosis of your symptoms and issues. If you have minor problems, the doctor will prescribe a few over the counter medicines. But is anything severe occurs, he will suggest proper treatment for it. So, if you feel thirsty excessively, do not take it like and consult your healthcare provider immediately.

So, these were some causes of excessive thirst which My Mind Speaks compiled for you. If you encounter any of the above-given symptoms, contact your doctor ASAP!


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