Advantages of Mobile Phones

If you are a person who born before 2000, then you must remember the era when there were no mobile phones. Landline telephones, fax, letters, etc. were the source of communication back in those days. But with the rapid advancement in technology, mobile phones have also evolved and have become portable, compact, and user-friendly. You can get many mobile phones and their accessories now. Contacting friends and family was not this easy ever before. This is just one of the humungous mobile phone advantages.

The mobile phones are ruling our world it is quite evident that every person owns a mobile phone these days. These mobile phones can perform countless tasks and provide you with internet access.

Most of the people only highlight the disadvantages of mobile phones. Still, in today’s article of My Mind Speaks, we will discuss some unknown and rare advantages of mobile phones, which you haven’t read before anywhere. Here are some fantastic mobile phones advantages which you must know:

Source of Earning

Many people use mobile phones just to stay in touch. But for many of the people, it is a lot more than just a communication device. One of the significant advantages of mobile phones is that people are actually earning through mobile phones. There are many apps that let you make money. People who do not have any job or want to earn extra money can do this through their mobile phone. Many apps pay you for filling out the survey; some official apps pay you for browsing the web too. Many people get paid for reading emails and watching videos. Not only these apps pay cash prizes, but they offer different vouchers and gifts also, which encourage the users to use it even more. Many people consider it as one of the significant advantages of mobile phones.

Blessing in Emergency

People carry their mobile phones with themselves all the time. Many people carry it to overcome an emergency. Many mobile phones have speed dialing and message templates to save time in case of emergency. It gives peace of mind to people who are out as they do not feel disconnected from their loved ones. The mobile phone lets you contact law enforcement if you encounter any mishap. This is one of the many mobile phone advantages that help you to travel safely.

For Travelling Purpose

Another important benefit from various mobile phones advantages is that it helps a lot in travelling. Navigation and finding ways were never this easy before the integration of GPS in mobile phones.  Whether we are walking, cycling, or driving, we can get updates of our live location. Traffic updates, slow-moving traffic, diversions, accidents, etc. you can view all of these through the map on your smartphone. Information about nearby places like a gas station, hospital, cafes, schools, etc. are also provided on the navigation map. When travelling abroad, you can buy your tickets online, get the schedule, seats available and other things easily on your mobile phone. Using this gadget for travelling purpose is one of the best advantages of mobile phones.

Remote Working

Many mobile phone apps enable employees to work remotely with the same functions on their mobile phones. Many productivity apps are now available in the market to increase the efficiency of the employees. There are also apps to monitor the productivity of employees to check the ROI when the employees are working remotely. There are many video conferencing apps through which you can easily handle business meetings on the go. You can also get benefit from the CRM apps to monitor the profits and losses. This is one of the most beneficial mobile phones advantages.

Online Services

Almost every single task is now done online. From shopping to banking you can perform all the tasks easily through your mobile phone. Your mobile phone helps you in great ways to organize your finances. You can transfer money, check your account balance, pay bills only with a few clicks. It is way better than using your computer or visiting your branch. You can also download apps that will keep you updated about the stocks and finance market.

If you are running late for work but you have to do the grocery too. Worry not, now there are many superstores which have launched their apps you can simply buy the products from their app, and the store will drop it on your doorsteps. People nowadays prefer shopping online from official websites of the brand through their phones. This eliminates the hassle of going to the shopping mall and wasting your energy and fuel. People consider online shopping through mobile phones as one of the biggest advantages of mobile phones. If you haven’t shopped yet, you must try but beware of fake websites and online scams.

Self-learning and Education

Mobile phones help you to access the information which helps you in polishing and enhancing your various skills. Many apps and websites are there that offers daily challenges and tasks which you can achieve for increasing your self-esteem and improve your skills.

You can learn anything and everything through the internet on your phone. If you are unsure about any piece of information, you can Google it wherever you are; the mobile phone enables you to read different informative things on the go. This is one of the prominent mobile phones advantages.

Health and Fitness

You might not consider your mobile phone as a fitness device these smartphones can help you in many ways to stay fit and healthy. There are apps that can track your daily activities utilizing the built-in sensors. Your mobile phone lets you track your calories and steps taken the whole day. You can also monitor the consumption of water. Many apps are there that will remind you about drinking water and also nudge you when its time for the exercise.

You can also turn your smartphone into heart rate monitor.  Many apps allow you to check your heart rate by just placing the fingertip on the camera. This is one of the most beneficial mobile phones advantages. 

These were some incredible advantages of mobile phones which we get daily while using our smartphones. Do share with us in what ways your mobile phone helps you out.


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