online business ideas
online business ideas

Starting and maintaining your own business gives you the freedom to work remotely anytime. The people who are fed up with their 9 to 5 jobs find this idea enticing. But establishing an online business is not a cakewalk. Many people search for the best online business ideas 2019 -2020 on different websites and try to implement them, but all they face is a failure. This is because the approach and the nature of business are not appropriate. Many entrepreneurs start their business without performing any research or survey in that specific field. They do not have the idea of whether their product or service has market potential or not.

With so many ideas for business, it gets quite confusing for people to decide which field they should go for. Starting an online business means you do not just have to think about the present; you have to consider it for the long term. The most important tip for starting an online business that you will find everywhere is, you should do something out of the box. People get attracted to anything unusual and different. So before starting any business, you have to analyze which features or specifications make your business unique from other firms or startups.

In this article by My Mind Speaks, we have brought some interesting online business ideas for beginners. These online business ideas have market potential in the long term and will surely expand and make waves.

Why Should You Own Online Business?

The best thing about having an online business is that there are no overhead costs. You can save monthly expenses like workspace expenditure (at least in the beginning). You can have a more flexible schedule depending on the types of online business ideas which you are planning to implement. You can choose the day and timing according to your convenience and availability. If you are planning to start a part-time business, you can have adjusted the working hours as per your schedule.

You can freely choose the location or your work. You are not bound to stick to a single desk. With your laptop and internet connection, you can work from anywhere you want. Everybody wishes to go on a trip whenever they want, with your business schedule, you can take vacations whenever you want to.

One of the biggest perks of owning a business or startup is that you do not have to limit your income according to the hours you work. Thus, running an online business offers you unlimited income potential.

How to Start an Online Business?

Whether you have planned to start a full-time business or a part-time startup, the basic essential is to analyze that your service or product should fulfil the needs of specific consumers. The future of online business doesn’t need to wait for your innovation. Thus, you should look out for such a product or service, which is unique yet innovative.

One of the essential things to keep in mind before implementing the online business ideas is that you might get to be up and running anytime and anywhere. And every business takes time to take off; you should not expect instant success. Chances are there that you might face a few hurdles and failures in the beginning, but soon the things will start to smoothen up for you. You must be consistent and approaching your goals. The most crucial step while implementing online business ideas is that you must find an idea that matches your abilities and skills. Thinking out of the box is excellent, but excellence in the skills is a must to run and grow a specific online business.

As you have read that implementing online business ideas for 2019 -2020 can be liberating and fun, here are some incredible online business ideas for you which have excellent growth scope as well as great income potential.

SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization is ruling the internet these days. It refers to making a website one of the top recommendations that appear on your search list. The best SEO website is the one that comes on the top of the search engine list. When the ranking of a website is high, it means it will get more traffic and can generate more revenue.

Excelling in the SEO is a bit challenging because Google keeps changing its Algorithms, but once you start practising SEO, you will soon ace your business as an SEO expert. The business of providing SEO consultancy has lots of diversity and income potential.

For starting a business as an SEO consultant, you must have adequate technical knowledge search engines and how Google Analytics and Google Ads work. Most of the companies, even today, do not know what impact Search Engine Optimization has on their business. By becoming an SEO consultant, you can let those businesses understand the power of digital marketing and search engine.

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Online Copywriting

If you are a wordsmith, you are in the game. You can start your online business as a copywriter. If you have SEO skills along with writing skills, it will be cherry on the top. No website is a hit until it is ranked on the top list of Google and doesn’t have good content. You can provide your services as a content writer to businesses who want to promote their business through blog writing as an inbound marketing technique.

By providing your services as a content writer, you will not just grow your business, but you will also polish your writing skills. Content writing is quite a diverse field; you can write about anything and everything from blog content to email marketing. So do not wait to start your services as a content copywriter if you are inclined towards writing.

Start Your YouTube Channel

We do not know under which rock you are living if you do not know about YouTube vlogging. YouTubers are ruling the internet these days. Vlogging is a sustainable business option now. You might need to put effort a bit to learn about the revenue generation, but it won’t take much time.

The best part about option vlogging as a business idea is that it is always welcome creativity. You do not need to have any prior experience or skills. You are creative, you know how to engage the viewers, and you have strong content, Ta-da! You are a YouTube celebrity now and can make money. There are different domains in which you can start with vlogging; for instance, you can become a travel vlogger and make vlogs wherever you travel. Or you can become a food vlogger and try foods from different places and let the viewers know about your experience of having that specific food.

Self Publish Your eBook

We all have thought about writing a book in our life but never took it seriously. Well, now you can because writing and publishing a book does not need any formatting, editing, and publishing hassles. Ebooks have made this task easy. So if the writer in you is still sleeping, then it is the time to wake him up and make some money. People these days prefer reading eBooks as they do not have to carry an extra book with themselves. They can read their desired pieces in their smartphones.

If you do not know what you should write about, you can start an email survey and get suggestions from your friends and family about the topic. Give at least 30 minutes to an hour of your day to your book writing. Start your eBook price with less, and when you gain a large number of readers, you can increase the quality and price of your book. Writing and self-publishing your eBook is one of the best online business ideas for beginners.

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the future of online business. It refers to earning a commission by selling someone or promoting someone else’s product or service. You can promote products like web series, eBooks, websites, etc. This is known as Information product affiliation marketing. Doing this type of marketing let you earn a commission of up to 50%.

While going down your way as an Affiliation Marketer, you need to stay focus on your niche and socialize with a known affiliate network. You should have some primary knowledge of content writing and SEO before opting for Affiliation Marketing as a business option.

You can promote physical as well as digital products to set up your affiliate links. You should have excellent writing skills to write an attractive review of the product, which will engage the readers. Affiliation marketing enables businesses to generate more sales. You can choose it as an online business option to grow in the digital marketing field.

You can also do affiliate marketing for different web hosting companies you can utilize keyword research tools and write a review, which is best suitable with the SEO. This will increase your business clients and will help you in becoming an ace Affiliate Marketer.

Start a Web Designing and Developing Company

If you have hands-on command on web designing with enhanced creative skills, then you should start designing websites. If you lack some of the skills, you can join a few basic courses online. There are many sites which offer free basic courses for web designing. For web designing, you must excel in tools like Adobe, Devtools, etc.

If you like to code, web development is the best choice for you.  You can launch service to develop creative, user-friendly, and attractive websites if you have a common on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML along with innovative problem-solving techniques. Becoming a web developer means you are someone who knows how to build a proper website. If you are not familiar with coding but want to pursue this one of the best online business ideas 2019 -2020, then you need to learn to code, which is a bit time taking. But if you will put your effort and time in this field, your business will grow like anything.

These were some of the best online business ideas for 2019 -2020, which you can pursue to make a stable and bright career.


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