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From giving birth to making you an educated adult. Your mom has done a lot for you. And there is nothing in this world which you can give in return for her favors. You can never repay for the unconditional love and care your mom has given you all these years. Neither is there any gift which can compensate to the nights she’s been up taking care of you when you were little. The best thing you can give your mom is the time and respect that she deserves.

You can show your love to your mother by making her happy or gifting her sweet little gifts. These gestures will surely make her happy. And if your mom is a busy person, then the best thing to gift her would be some latest smartphones.

latest smartphone

Though our parents are not much tech geek as we are. But they won’t mind a little dose of some socialism and entertainment through these latest smartphones.

In the new blog of My Mind Speaks, we thought to help you with some fantastic latest smartphones which you can gift your mother as a token of love and appreciation.

Listed below are some latest smartphones perfect for your mother:

iPhone X

iPhone is one of the most used latest smartphones. It might be a bit too expensive, but it’s cheaper than your mother’s smile. The best thing is about this is that it is effortless to use. Our parents avoid the latest smartphones because they get irritated because of the complicated features and interface. iPhone X can be the best pick to gift your mother as the interface is quite friendly and easy to use. And if your mother loves photography, then no phone can be best for her other than this iPhone X as it has an excellent camera. Your mom will love the camera result, and she can enjoy her favorite timepass activity by capturing beautiful images.

iPhone x

Another exciting specification of iPhone X is that it can charge wirelessly (best for moms who always forget their chargers). If your mother is too much concerned about the budget, then you can gift her some other latest smartphones by Apple like iPhone 8, iPhone 7, etc.

Samsung Galaxy A50

If you want a top performer in a budget range for your mother. Buy these latest smartphones from Samsung. Samsung provides a vast array of the latest smartphones at an affordable price. The Samsung galaxy A50 has a beautiful large display screen with fingerprint unlock. Perfect for others who do not like the password or pattern screen lock. 

And if your mother keeps dropping her phone on the floor. Then you should gift A50 as its display screen is Gorilla Glass 3 protected. This phone is also a great pick if your mom loves photography as it has a 25 mp rear camera. Gift this galaxy A50 phone to your mother, and she is going to love it. The user interface is quite good, as well.

Google Pixel 2

If your mom is a power user and has to work on phone and laptop all day. Then the latest smartphones from Google, especially Google Pixel 2 would be perfect for her as it has a long battery life and charge ups quite easily.

google pixel 2

This phone is water-resistant, so now she does not have to worry whenever she goes on the beach. If your mother is a tech geek and loves gaming, then this phone is best for gaming and multitasking. The layout of this smartphone is immaculate, and the integration is excellent.

LG V30

LG might not be so much good in the latest smartphones field. But this phone is all and all the good one. With a 6-inch screen display and a 16-megapixel camera, this phone would be a perfect gift for your mother. The presentation of this phone is quite simple and elegant. the battery power is quite good, especially for the mothers who consume too much battery. If your mother considers the color and design more than the specifications, then you should buy this phone because it is available in different colors.

latest smarphones

Samsung Note 8

If your mother loves to use tablets more than the latest smartphones. Note 8 is perfect for her because of the large screen display and elegant design. The enlarged keyboard because of the full screen helps to make the letters more enhanced, which are easy to read. So now your mother won’t be needing her spectacles to use her phone. 

Samsung Note 8

Because of the large size of the phone, Samsung provides S pen with this phone to make the usage more comfortable and easy. This phone is not just perfect for writing or drawing but also most excellent for playing games and watching movies. Your mother is going to enjoy all her videos on the large screen display.

Blackberry Pearl

This phone is best for your mother if she doesn’t like the latest smartphones because of the touch screen and perfect qwerty keypad. Blackberry pearl is the best pick for mothers in the corporate world. You can buy different versions of this phone according to the size and screen. Gift this phone to your mother and let her enjoy the vintage style of the smartphone with the most comfortable qwerty keyboard.

These were some of the latest smartphones which you can gift your mother and make her feel happy because our small gestures like these make their day.

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