Natural Beauty Tips

Many women, young or old, are always looking for natural beauty tips for their skin and hair care. Most of us put lots of effort into our skin and hair care. But the price tags of the products for skin and hair care just make us go ignoring our skin and hair. Women ignore to look after their skins because of the busy schedule and too much price of the product.

There is no woman who does not have a desire to look young and beautiful. Getting the perfect skin without splurging a lot of amounts is every women’s desire. But the good news is, there are many natural beauty tips which will work for you. My Mind Speaks have brought these incredible natural beauty tips for your skin and hair care that will leave you looking gorgeous. 

Having perfect skin and hair care is what every woman desire. You should take care of your skin in the early 20s. So that you do not have to worry much about it in the future, try these natural beauty tips for your skin and hair care that will make your skin look flawless and your hair healthy and shiny, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

1. Detoxify

Your skin indeed reflects your oral health. If you have toxins in your body, it will make your skin look dull and unattractive. When you detoxify your body, the results immediately appear on your skin. Detoxification is not just occasional; it is a lifestyle. When you start the journey of detoxification, you feel the glow on your skin, and you will also notice a positive growth in your overall body. Eating toxic foods can cause many skin problems like acne, allergy, etc. You can have better skin and hair care when you detoxify. 

You can use many natural beauty tips to detoxify your body, like:

  • Drinking lemon added in hot water in the morning.
  • Consume fiber-rich products like smoothies and shakes. 
  • Say no to eating fast food and processed food.
  • Do some exercise.
  • Eat enzyme-rich foods.
  • Cut down on caffeine and drink lots of water.

2. Lemon and Simmer Spray

If there is too much frizz in your hair, you can try this incredible hack to make your hair look healthy and shiny. 

Add simmer and slices of lemon in two cups of water and reduce it to one cup. Now pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it in your hair after the shower and drying the hair. This is one of the useful natural beauty tips that will leave your hair smooth and shiny. Use this mixture every time after dressing your hair for a more brilliant look. It will also keep your hair in place, and they won’t fly away when introduced to outdoor air. This is one of the natural beauty tips for flawless hair.

3. Nourish Your Skin and Hair

The best way for skin and hair care is by eating nutritional food. The saying is 100% true that you are what you eat, and it most implies on the skin.

When you eat chemically processed food, it shows up on your skin, leaving it to look unhealthy and dull. If you do not take proper nutrition, your skin will age quicker, and there will be more wrinkles and aging spots on your skin. These eating habits will make your skin look healthier and gorgeous:

  • Consume plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
  • Avoid allergens such as oil, dairy products, and wheat.
  • Try to consume less amount of animal proteins. If you cannot cut down on animal protein, eat naturally raised and pastured meat. 
  • Drink smoothies daily in the morning. 

4. Look After Your Tired Eyes

We know you might have a hectic routine, and you do not get time for the skin and hair care. This tiredness also shows up under your eyes. The best way to get relief from tired is by trying different natural beauty tips. One of the tips is:

Take iced water in a bowl and add a few drops of rose water in it. Also, add 2 to 3 drops of honey, now immerse your eye into the container. For the other eye, repeat the process by making the new mixture. Then wash your eyes with cold water.

Doing this will make your eyes look refreshed. If you follow this hack daily, you will not get tired eyes anymore. 

5. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is most essential to achieve great hair and skin. Drink lots of pure water all along the day. Try different smoothies that hydrates your body. When your body is hydrated, your skin looks fresh and glowy. Eat salad containing water-rich vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, celery, etc. 

Avoid dehydrating drinks like alcohol and caffeine. If the weather is hot, drink extra water to cover up the water loss in the form of sweat. Staying hydrated is one of the best natural beauty tips to keep your skin fresh. Water consumption also makes your hair healthy and shiny. Hairfall and hair breakage can be prevented if your body is efficiently hydrated. 

Couple staying hydrated after workout

6. Use Minimal Makeup

In all the natural beauty tips blog, the most basic and essential instruction which you read is that use the minimum amount of makeup on your skin. Cosmetic contains chemicals which are not so friendly for your skin. 

Try to avoid using makeup in your daily life as much as possible. Makeup also causes to age your skin more quickly.

These natural beauty tips will surely help you in the skin and hair care. For more natural beauty tips, keep reading My Mind Speaks blogs.


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