Latest TVs in 2019

The television technology has been evolving too much for the past few years. And people are going crazy looking out for the best tv to buy. Many innovations are taking place in the latest TVs in 2019 to provide you the best television experience. The standard 1080p screen has been replaced by OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panel and UHD (ultra high definition) or 4K technology.

Choosing the best TV to buy could be a difficult task. But on the other hand, if you have an adequate amount of budget, all the latest TVs in 2019 can be the perfect option for your pick.

The evolution from Full HD to 4k Ultra HD is a drastic change in the technology. The smart TVs these days are topping the list of the latest TVs in 2019. These TVs have made it quite easier to search for a movie or TV show you can broadcast it or watch it on the internet.

How to Choose The Best TV to Buy?

While choosing the latest TVs in 2019, first decide what screen size you want that is according to your budget. Also, think about the area in which you have to set your tv up. Because if you set up a 62-inch television in a small room, it would not look good, and similarly, if your room is spacious and you set up a small screen, it will not give a perfect feel. Thus, you have to decide the size of the latest TVs in 2019 according to the space of the room.

The expert says that the best position to place your sofa or bed in front of the TV should be: dividing the actual size of the screen with 6.42. The result is the feet you should put your sofa away from the tv.

When to Upgrade Your TV?

It’s high time to buy the latest TVs in 2019. The switch from 1080p to 4k resolution has an enormous impact on video quality. The evolution of tv technology indicates that now is the time you should upgrade your TV because technology has never been this better.

Which is The Best TV to Buy?

In today’s article of My Mind Speaks, we will enlighten you about some of the fantastic latest TVs in 2018. Here is the list of some fantastic brands which offer the best TV to buy.


This LG C9 OLED Television is one of the latest TVs in 2019. This television has grabbed the attention of buyers because of its world-class OLED display, excellent features, and incredible design. The design of this TV looks beautiful, even when it is switched off.


This TV is loaded with great features. From precision lighting to excellent color reproduction, this tv has it all. LG has always been one of the pioneers in producing good quality televisions. The smart features are delightfully awesome built-in Amazon Alexa, Google Home, AI enhancement build upon impressive web OS, HDMI 2.1 connectivity, strong sound quality; this TV has it all. We recommend you LG C9 because it is the best TV to buy. But this tv comes with a negative point too, that is, its price. The LG C9 cost is too expensive.

Sony AF8

This Sony flat screen OLED TV is one of the latest TVs in 2019. It comes in two sizes of 55 inches and 65 inches screen. This TV has the perfect design no TV can have. The picture quality is beyond excellent, which is proof of the implementation of cutting-edge OLED technology.


The slim panel delivers Sony’s Acoustic Surface technology, which is beyond perfect. It supports Android TV OS 7.0. Be it Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or DisneyLife, the streaming support of this fantastic tv covers all TV players.

Samsung Q9FN

Considering Samsung Q9FN as one of the latest TVs in 2019, the QLED (Samsung’s Quantum Dot LED technology) has hit the market with great appreciation. It might not be as slim as an OLED TV but not so broad too. The breadth of this TV is just 3 cm even after the fitting of the direct LED light.


Incredible UHD 4K image quality, it has one of the best bright room HDR performances to date. The up scaling of HD quality has lifted the game for Samsung in the market. If you think that OLED is the latest technology and the best of all, QLED might prove you wrong on this.

Sony X 950 G

This is the best TV to buy when it comes to screen size because of its 75-inch screen. This is one of the latest TVs in 2019. Sony has polished the Smart Tv experience with this innovation. It has all the features you need on a Smart TV.


This TV is leading the market because of the excellent Android TV OS 8.0. Excellent picture quality, wide angles, sleek design, incredible remote control; there is nothing that this television does not have. Considering it as one of the latest TVs in 2019, you can buy this fantastic television without any doubt.

Sony KD 55

Sony always comes up with variety when it comes to the television experience. Sony KD 55 is a gorgeous 55-inch OLED television. Having numerous features, this television is  just perfect in all the aspects. If you want an all in one television, this might be the best pick.


This television comes with superb image quality, excellent sound system, and beautiful design. If you are a fan of Sony, you might know that Sony never disappoints its buyers. Sony is excelling in producing the latest TVs in 2019 in the market.

Buying a perfect television which meets all your expectations, can be hectic. My Mind Speaks tried to decrease your effort by compiling this list of the latest TVs in 2019. We hope that this list might be helpful for you. Do not forget to consider the prices when opting for the television. Do let us know which 4k OLED tv you are going to buy?

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