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If you are running a business and have business accounts on social media, then you might have an idea of how the visuals have a drastic impact on your content. Better social med visual content does not mean that your images or videos need to be beautiful, but it also should be properly aligned with your brand’s purpose and values using the best design tools. Your images and videos should be creative and interesting enough to stand out in the feed.

You might be thinking even after the incredible social media campaign; your business account is not getting any audiences; this is because of the poor social media visual content. In this article of My Mind Speaks we have compiled some methods and best design tools that will make your social media visual content engaging and interesting for the audience, here are the methods and best design tools:

Use Canva

Canva is one of the most popular and best design tools which social media influencers and different businesses use to create and design their posts. Canva has a large variety of templates with almost every size that you want for your post. You can upload your images and can do some cool editing and ad captions on the picture.

You can also create a customized photo filter for your brand. There are numerous filters you can check in Canva. You just have to upload an image, click the “filter” and scroll through the filter effects to choose the best pick for your social media post according to your business.


Just like Canva, Stencil is also one of the best design tools. It is the perfect pick for image editing. It is a simple to use tool to create social media visual content. You can select from thousands of vector icons and emojis at Stencil. They provide you with quotes and background images according to your business to use them commercially as well as personally. They have some great options when you are running late but want to create a post for social media.

Instagram Features

We do not know under which rock you are living if you do not have a business social media account on Instagram. Instagram has become one of the most engaging visual media to promote your product or business. There are various features on Instagram, which you can utilize to enhance your social media visual content. The most famous feature among all is the Boomerang; you can make small creative video loops. Many influencers and business owners utilize Boomerang to create their visual content interesting for the audience.


The best tool for infographics is Piktochart. Normally, Piktochart is used when there is a huge amount of information, and you have to convert it into visual representations in the best way possible. Using Piktochart, you can create compelling visual displays for the data statistics and analytics. Infographics are used because most of the audience thinks that the written data and analysis are quite boring and dull. If the infographics are appropriately placed with the entertainment illustration, the audience will find your content less complicated.

The Headliner

If you find video content more compelling and exciting, then you should work on producing more video content. Videos are the way to build your brand’s online presence. One of the best design tools to create and edit videos is the headliner. It lets you create videos with captions.

Simply upload a video and let the tool transcribe the content automatically. To fully represent your brand through video content, this tool is the perfect pick. And the best part is that this tool is absolutely free.


One of the newest trends to engage the audience is through GIFs. The GIFs are neither image, not videos, they are minimally short videos, but the length is enough that it displays the content more than a single image. Giphy is one of the best tools which help you create amazingly creative and exciting GIFs. By using Giphy, GIFs creation has become easy and fun. You can create your GIF or can choose from a large number of background, caption, emojis, stickers, etc.


The tutorial videos are all over social media these days. Everyone is building an audience by making tutorial videos. The audience finds tutorial videos exciting and compelling. These tutorial videos mostly contain hacks, recipes, tips, and tricks on some specific topics like how to do a Smokey makeup look. If you want your brand to reach the maximum audience, it’s high time you should start making tutorial videos. The best and most accessible tool to create tutorial videos is Magisto. With Magisto, you can use special effects and filters to your already created tutorial video for your social media account.


Another fantastic tool for better visual content is quote cards. These are kind of emotional triggers for the audience, which makes an impact through inspiring words and images. If you are a social influencer, motivational quotes are a must for you. You might be running out of motivational quotes every single day. With recite, you can create as many quote cards as you want. They have amazing motivational and inspiring quotes along with the background image. You can choose your quote or can select from the one already existing on that tool, along with a customized or predefined background image that best suits your quote.


We know memes are the new hot things. And there are memes almost on every social media. Whether it’s a picture of a grumpy Siamese cat, or a screenshot from any movie, the memes get viral within minutes. Most of the brands use different memes to promote their brand. It is quite difficult to imagine social media without any meme. iMeme is the perfect pick if you want to create some amazing and fun memes.

So, these were a few of the best design tools which help you to produce more engaging content for your social media audience.

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