Tips for Home Decor

A home is a place that gives you a sense of pleasure and ease. And every house should be warm and cosy enough to make the people living in it as it the only heaven they need. Many people do not find their homes attractive anymore and avoid inviting their friends and family for even a dinner. If you are looking for some tips for home renovation, then you are on the right page. Today, My Mind Speaks has brought you some amazing tips for home decor, which will give your home an attractive look with only a few minor changes.

Everyone desires a perfect home, from the kitchen to cabinets; everything must be beautiful and unique. And we totally agree with this though; houses are meant to look and feel perfect.

First, let us accept the fact that renovating or decorating your home can be an exhausting task because of the endless tips for home renovation. But this also makes it too much fun. Whether you are bored of the dull entrance or have a broken door, here are some super simple tips for home renovation that will give your house a different and unique look.

Have a Combination of Old and New Decor

Having a mix of both new and antique items always looks exceptional. Be it cutlery, furniture, or the paintings, a combination of ancient and modern decor is just perfect. You can make the two decor items blend in well. For instance, if you have brought a new dining table, you can add the chairs with old designs. You can place some antique decorating pieces and candles on the table. You can paint the walls with some nude shades and give them an antique look with modern design curtains.

Refresh the Paint

Adding some neutral tones on your walls gives them a sophisticated look. When you refresh the paint, your home automatically starts looking new and beautiful. Also, if you like bold colours, you should definitely go for it because it gives the room a lively vibe. A blue wall in the brighter shade in the living room can change the entire look of the place. Also, if you find it quite hectic while refreshing the paint of the whole house, you can try changing the wall colours of the living room and kitchen. This minor change can completely change the look of your home. This is one of the most tried tips for home decor.

Change the Tone of Your Front Door

Everybody desires to have such a house that gives a great first impression. The best way to make the first time visitor drool over your home by an attractive and attention-grabbing front door. Try to paint the front door in a fun color, with a glossy finish. You can paint your front door in a bright red color. Red was considered as a sign of welcome to travellers in early America. Bright orange or yellow will also give a lively feel to your front door. Also, screen doors are getting out of fashion, try replacing your screen doors with storm doors having a full-length mirror. This will surely give a fantastic look to your house.

Make Your Home Sunshine Friendly

When it comes to windows and its decoration, a naked window is way better than some ridiculous curtains. Windows must be functional yet elegant. Thus it is really important to have stylish and attractive curtains for the windows. You can experiment with different items like window blinds that are quite in fashion these days. Blinds are very convenient to fold them and let the sunshine in. You can also go for light fabric curtains according to the amount of sunlight you want in your room. Some of the light fabric for curtains may include linen, cotton, etc.

Get Some Indoor Plants

Greenery is quite vital to give a refreshing feel to your house. If you want to give life to your room and enhance the vibrancy, then placing some colourful indoor plants is the best way. This not only enhances the beauty but also helps in purifying the air. Living near the plants also make your health better. Turning your house into a green zone is one of the incredible tips for home renovation.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

Hanging at least a mirror in every room will give your home such a fantastic look that you can not even imagine. Mirrors help in making the place look brighter. But you have to be cautious as placing any mirror in the wrong place, and angle can lead to a bad design. For example, placing a mirror right in front of the window is the worst idea as it will bounce back all the light. Thus, putting a mirror in the right place can brighten up your dull house.

Use Layers of Lights

There must be at least three kinds of lights in every home. Consider this as one of the basic tips for home renovation. There should be a light which should provide overall illumination, another light for some specific tasks like reading or for kitchen chores, and the third one for the decorative purposes, the one which you use occasionally. This will help in brightening up your rooms and will give it a spacious effect. Many people focus on lighting designs a lot when planning to buy a new house.

Add Some Textures

Where it is the curtains or the floor, the textures are always a good option. But you should be very careful in choosing the right texture as it must blend in and compliment the overall furniture. You can hang some textured curtains on the windows of your study to give a gentle and sophisticated look. Also, add the couch’s cushion of a similar texture as of the curtains’. Consider this as one of the critical tips for home decor. If the texture is not blending well with the furniture, it might be the major interior fashion disaster.

These were some of the fantastic tips for home renovation, which will give your home an instant and unique change.


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