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When it comes to following startup trends 2019 or starting a new business, all entrepreneurs want to win the race and stay updated about the latest startup trends 2019. But in this fast-evolving era, it is quite challenging to keep up with all the startup trends 2019.

The startup ecosystem is changing radically. And as compared to the larger businesses, small startups are leading the game. The reason is these small businesses have innovation and involvement just according to the market needs. The implementation of various new technologies has accelerated the changes and business startup trends. Almost 55% of the entrepreneurial startups have implemented the digital business strategy to boost the growth of their businesses.

Digitalizing your business is not the only factor; the method of application of a particular technology also plays an important role.

In this article of My Mind Speaks, today, we will discuss some impactful business startup trends. These startup trends 2019 will surely help you to establish a business.

5G Technology

By the hype of 5G all around, you might be quite familiar with what this technology is. This fifth generation of cellular network, replacing the 4G, is one of the startup trends 2019. You might be thinking about how a cellular network can become one of the latest business startup trends. As soon as the 5G is deployed, it will open doors to plenty of new trends in the market.

Do not consider 5G as just a mobile data network; it will have a significant impact on your business. The faster downloading and processing speed will explode the AR/VR technology. You can make the most out of it if you are planning to start a startup related to AR/VR. This 5G technology can be considered as one of the business startup trends that will make wave once it is deployed.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things is going to be one of the startup trends 2019 that will help entrepreneurs to make an impact in the market. If you are a technology geek or love to stay updated about the latest technology, then you might know what the internet of things is. Internet of things is a system consisting of computers, digital objects and systems, machines, which transfer data over a network.

Many entrepreneurs have tried different business startup trends, including the internet of things and tried to develop their own IoT product, and a few of them even succeeded.

Blockchain Technology

The hype of Blockchain has been waving for quite a long time. But the application of Blockchain is not predominant yet. There is only 1% adoption of Blockchain technology on the entrepreneurial side. But the specialists have predicted that Blockchain is going to become one of the most dominant business startup trends. From voting to the digital currency, all the economic system will become dependent on Blockchain technology.

For businesses who know how to capture the market by capitalizing the technology, Blockchain holds great potential for these businesses. In the upcoming time, many IT experts will be experimenting and learning about Blockchain Technology.

Edge Computing

Edge computing has been one of the latest business startup trends for quite a time. Edge computing means computing that is done near the data source. This means the consumers and the business will have a centralized data centre.

With edge computing, rather than relying on a centralized cloud environment, the computation can be performed on edge and smart devices. This is very much similar to the Internet of Things. Smart cities and physical computer can be implemented quite easily with an edge computing approach. Many businesses are adopting edge computing as one of the significant business startup trends.

Low Code/ No Code

Low code development or self-service development is growing like jungle fire these days. It is one of the latest startup trends 2019. It means various development platforms allows users to create and develop their own product by themselves. In other words, the companies are offloading some of the IT department’s work to the end-users.

The reason behind this innovation is that the user wants an instant solution. The speedy demand with current resources gets a bit difficult for the IT experts to cope up with. Then how about developing your solution through an accessible platform? The demand for mobile and web application are increasing exponentially as compared to the delivery ability. In these circumstances, pushing towards self-service development platform is the sanest approach. No code development is being adopted as one of the significant business startup trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is being developed exponentially. Impressive AI innovations are going to take place shortly. The new machine learning techniques will help the entrepreneurs to develop a startup consisting of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence works to create humanlike intelligence in the machine. No human intelligence is required if there is an implementation of AI. A machine can perform tasks like recognition of patterns, decision making, etc. based on Artificial Intelligence. Startups following these new Artificial Intelligence business startup trends will surely succeed and will have an impactful business.

Remote Work

Remote working is the new big thing in the business startup trends. It helps in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your employees, which eventually accelerates business growth.

Many entrepreneurs hire remote workers which saves their workspace maintenance and cost. Plus, the talent pool of your startup can be as large as possible. The flexible time and work duration encourage remote workers to work more efficiently. Work remotely is one of the most adopted business startup trends.

Big Data

People often misinterpret big data as large data sets. Big data refers to the sets of data that are quite vast to be analyzed by traditional software tools.  Artificial intelligence is used to process this data.

From the business point of view, big data is the enormous amount of data that companies are flooded with. This data can be customers information, employees data, finance records, etc.

 Big data would play a significant role in data processing in fields like healthcare, supply chain management, security, etc. Nothing can stop Big Data to become one of the latest startup trends 2019.

These were some of the latest business startup trends compiled by My Mind Speaks. These latest technologies will surely help your business to make an impact on the market.


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