Fat loss

Thinking of starting this year with something positive? There is nothing better than having a resolution of losing your weight. If you are already maintaining a healthy weight then you can also follow these tips to build muscles and lose that extra stubborn fat.

During the last few years, the increase in obesity has been a major concern. It is targeting the younger generation and it is even more alarming. There are various factors that are causing this issue to further increase. One of the major factors is overeating.

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Overeating has been the main issue that leads to weight and fat gain. The funny thing is that gaining weight is easy, but when it comes to losing all that weight then it becomes very difficult. Such issues can be tackled by doing one thing. That one thing is that you should follow a set of healthy habits, that includes a better diet, exercise, and better sleep. Although these are just a few, the impact of these 3 habits is huge. Following these few habits can improve your health and lifestyle. In addition, it will help with your weight loss as well.

Better Sleep

When it comes to better health, then you have to take care of your sleep. Studies have shown that people who don’t sleep properly are prone to gain weight. So in order to prevent such a thing from happening you should sleep properly.

perfect sleep

We are discussing how you can lose weight by improving your sleep pattern. Due to heavy workload, our body produces harmful toxins. These toxins are only flushed from our bodies when we take proper sleep. A good sleep of 6-9 hours can help in flushing out these harmful toxins. 

Coming back to our point that how can sleep help in weight loss. When you sleep early and wake up accordingly, the first thing you should do is drink protein coffee and go for a morning walk. Just a moderate walk is enough. After that, you should meditate for 10 minutes and then you are ready to do your routine work. People who follow this pattern are more likely to lose weight compared to those who don’t.

Daily Exercise

This is the most important part of losing weight. Daily exercise whether it is moderate or intense is very important. You can’t just lose weight unless you follow a strict exercise routine. Start with slow exercise and then increase the intensity with time. Only then you will adapt your body to this new routine.


If you are already a healthy person then you should consider doing weight exercise. Lifting weight will allow you to lose all that stubborn fat around your muscles. During the starting days of weight loss, the first 10-15 kg weight is mostly water. So after that, the decrease in weight loss will slow down. After that, you have to increase the intensity of your workout.

When all these factors are combined then it gives you a boost in weight loss. Like I said before that if you are already maintaining a healthy weight then this will also help you in losing any additional fat.

Healthy Diet

With good sleep, you also need a healthy diet. Although there are many diets that you can follow but the most important ones are those that contain high protein and low carbs. Such diets are quite common. The most effective ones are the Keto diet and the Atkins diet. Foods like powdered bone broth, lean meat, seafood, and green veggies are part of such diets. 


These diets consist of healthy foods that are rich in protein and several other nutrients. Having a protein-rich diet will boost your metabolism, this will allow your body to keep burning all that extra fat. In this scenario, we will talk about the keto diet. In this diet, your body goes into the state of ketosis. Your body burns all the extra fat and makes it the primary source of energy.


It doesn’t get any better when you start the year with a positive resolution. Staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight is the most important thing for any person. Eating healthy, sleeping properly and daily exercise is all you need to stay healthy. So if you are willing and determined then follow the above tips and start your new year with fat loss resolution. Although it will be difficult at the start, with time your body will adapt to this new routine and you will lose all that unwanted weight in no time.


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