Smartphone lfe hacks

Ever thought why these cellphones these days are called “Smart” phones? Well, The reason why these cellphones called smartphones is that these gadgets are becoming way more efficient and all thanks to the incredible innovations of artificial intelligence. It would be safe to say that cell phones have changed our lives to improve things; a smartphone simply isn’t a cellphone any longer. They’re presently our personal assistants, artists, specialists, banks, cinemas, instructors, and what not?

Smartphones have advanced such a great amount since their arrival into the market. With cell phones and other gadgets turning into a key expansion to our everyday lives, it is just regular we have some cool hacks for them also. These smartphone hacks by My Mind Speaks can assist you with managing time, yet can also simplify your user experience.

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Stop ads While Playing Offline Games

Any in-application advertisement can be avoided by turning on the Airplane mode or switching off the WiFi connection. Consequently, by turning off your mobile data or internet connection, you can avoid irritating ads that continue intruding on your game.

For advertisements that continue significantly even after turning off the Internet, just clear your cache and enjoy an ad-free game. Phone manufacturers these days also understand that their users do not appreciate ads. This is why the smartphone companies have started launching smartphones with Game Mode, in which you can play games uninterruptedly without the ads. This feature can be found in the Settings menu of your phone.

Dark or Black Wallpapers Extend Battery Life

If you haven’t made sense of it yet, the display on your Android smartphone is a major reason of battery drainage. Thus, having a high screen brightness eats more battery, the hues on your wallpaper can have a negative effect also. Most smartphones nowadays are coming furnished with AMOLED display. An AMOLED display works by lighting up the individual pixels that make up a picture. This means a dark or dull shaded Pixel doesn’t require as a lot of intensity as a white or bright colored display. By utilizing plain dark or black colour wallpaper, you can extend the battery life.

Use Bowls to Amplify the Sound

If you love to listen to music in high sound or want to enjoy your favorite song while you take a shower, you can amplify your smartphone’s sound easily. Just take an empty glass bowl or any other oval-shaped glass utensil, place your smartphone in it. You can enjoy the amplified volume. This hack is one of the best smartphone life hacks, especially when you do not have speakers.

Turn on Airplane Mode For fast Charging

Another one of the amazing smartphone tricks is that if you are running late, and need to charge your phone ASAP. You do not need to worry; your phone will charge with more speed. You simply need to turn on the Airplane mode of your smartphone and see how fast your smartphone gets charged.

Turn off Auto-Rotation

You might have noticed that your phone battery runs out quite fast. Even if you haven’t used your smartphone too much, the reason behind battery drainage is that there is a sensor in a smartphone called the accelerometer. This accelerometer turns on when your phone’s auto-rotation is off and consumes too much battery. Thus, to save your battery from draining, disable the auto-rotation.

Shut Down Useless Apps

This is one of the smartphone life hacks for which you are surely going to thank us. If you are a smartphone user, you have definitely felt the pain of several apps running in the background. In most of the cases, these apps are useless (except for the few). These unnecessary apps keep running in the background, making your smartphone latch, and consuming battery and memory. You should keep a check on your background apps. Clearing the apps which are currently not being used is the best way to make your phone working smoothly.

Hold the Shutter Button for Continuous Shots

While taking pictures, if you want to take multiple shots of a scene, you can do it with a go. Simply switch on the camera, press and hold the shutter button, and you can take numerous shots. This feature is known as continuous shots and lets you take 20 pictures per second. Amazing, right?

We hope that you will find these smartphone tricks by My Mind Speak helpful. Do let us know which one is your favourite smartphone hack other than these.


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