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We all have gadgets and devices that are now unwanted and used. Gadgets such as obsolete laptops, old phones, etc. get outdated with time ad new technology enhancement. Thus, such gadgets and devices become useless for us. But many people do not have much idea what to do with those unwanted gadgets. According to a survey, almost every other cell phone customer possesses at least two unused and old cell phones or other electronic devices.

We know that the lifespan of tech gadgets is short. New technology is introduced almost every year, and people tend to buy the latest gadgets as compared to owning an outdated gadget. A few years back, no company bothered about what should they do to their old models? But now many manufacturing companies are working on the recycling process. They are coming up with innovative methods and techniques to recycle old devices.

If you have some of the old gadgets that you do not know what to do worry not! My Mind Speaks has put up these few guides to help you recycle old devices. If you have unused gadgets, you can use these methods to recycle old devices rather than just doing them or letting them rot in your old drawer.

Donate to Refurbishing Programs

It is great to recycle old devices but how good it would be if your old gadgets can be useful to someone else. There are many nonprofits and programs which collect old cell phones and laptops, refurbish them, and send them to those people who are in need. There are organizations that collaborate with cellular recycling companies that collect used cell phones and other electronic devices and use the amount collected from those refurbished gadgets to stop domestic violence. What better way can you recycle gadgets than saving someone from the cruel act of domestic violence.

Try Dropping it Off at the Retail Store

Many companies have in-store recycling programs where you can easily trade-in or get cash back when you go there to recycle old devices. For instance, your nearest electronics traders might accept everything, such as cars, appliances, etc. But first, check what kind of electronic devices they are accepting.

Many stores only accept gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. These stores buy your gadgets is low prices as compared to the market price of the new version of the same gadget. But the deal is not that bad like at least you are getting some profit from those devices which were considered useless. This is probably one of the best ways to recycle old gadgets.

Host an Electronic Auction

Gather your friends and acquaintances and put a tech auction. Collect old devices from different people. You can run a campaign at your workplace or in your society. A lot of people will be willing to attend as almost everyone has at least one old device which they want to sell. People might find it easy to bring their old tape recorders, TVs, laptops, etc. You can collect these gadgets over a period. And then start the auction one day, those gadgets which are reusable can be sold on a good bid, and those items which are useless, you can send them to recycling in bulk. Consider this as one of the best ideas to recycle gadgets.

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Contact the Manufacturer

Many companies provide recycling programs for their own products. If you did not find the retail store visit working, you could take your old gadgets to the manufacturing company of those gadgets.  Most of the manufacturing companies run their own recycle gadgets programs while others outsource their programs to different organizations.

Amazon is leading the recycling programs as all you need to do fill up some forms online; they will send you a receipt. You can easily deliver your items to their workshop along with their slip. And the best part is that Amazon promises to cover all the costs. This is one of the best methods to recycle old gadgets by Amazon.

Sell Them Online

If none of the recycle gadgets methods are working for you. You can sell them online. Many people are there who are willing to buy second-hand gadgets at low prices. Many parents search for used Apple products for their children so that it would not cost them much even if their child breaks it. You can also negotiate on the amount and get the cash instantly. But the only concern is that the buyer might dispose of it responsibly or not once they get used to it.

Swap Swap Swap!

There are various sites that offer to swap of stuff like your electronic devices. These companies buy or trade-in with your gadget, then refurbishes or resells it. You can simply add your details to the form of these official websites. You will get a quote; you can do the prepaid shipping and get the cash back through PayPal, cheque, etc. Many companies like Amazon accept your old gadgets (if they are in good condition) and also pay for the shipping. This is one of the quickest ways to recycle old devices.

Download the Reselling App

There are different apps that perform all the processes that recycle old devices. You only need to download the app, take a picture of the gadget, and specify some features and conditions. The app will do the rest of the work. From pricing to generating the shipping, all this will be done by the app itself. It will link you to the most relevant and potential buyer of your item. This app is perfect for people who are looking for methods that recycle old devices. These apps do not limit you to particular areas.

You Can Recycle Chargers and Wires too!

If you are one of those people, who stock wires and chargers, it’s high time you should let go off it. The wires which you have collected for just in case you might need them, trust us, you aren’t going to need them. These chargers and wires can be repurchased. There are companies that buy unwanted chargers and cables, along with other electronic devices. You can also donate unused and old cables for the refurbishing purpose.

These were some of the ways in which you can recycle your old devices. We hope that you will find this article helpful. Do let us know which method you use to recycle your old devices.

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