PUBG mobile tips and tricks

The ever famous MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is still making crazing over itself. And the new game (well not so new now), which is utilizing this MOBA methodology, is the PUBG Mobile. That’s right. This online mobile game has driven the youth to go insane over it. We know how much the youngsters these days love this game and enjoy the chicken dinner. So, this My Mind Speaks blog is for all the PUBG mobile players who want to learn some really cool PUBG mobile tips and tricks.

About the Game

The game itself is an interpretation of the royal battle idea; various individuals are landed onto an island, last individual standing successes. To do that, you must discover weapons, kill individuals you see, and stay away from the threat. Many beginners who have no idea about this game might search for PUBG mobile tips and tricks. 

How Does the Game Start?

The people are empty-handed first and need to obtain rifles, weapons, and pans to endure and clearing out different deserters. And that is the place the regal fight circumstance has its favourable conditions as indicated by many. There is an enthusiasm for our people to see how they would handle the situation. Kill or get killed or get the chicken dinner.

Amazing PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the incredible PUBG tips and tricks that will definitely make you win and have the chicken dinner.

Survive the Gas or Blue Zone:

The Blue Zone or the Gas is your second most hated enemy in this game. When you are inside a Blue Zone, it reduces your life gradually. The damage gets harder and harder from phase to phase until you lose your life and die. Thus, to survive this Blue Zone, you must have your inhaling equipment. You should make sure that you have enough of these items to make it through the Gas. But as the level increases and you reach level 8 of this same, you can no longer heal from the Blue Zone and ultimately have to move to the safe zone. Thus, the best way to survive through the Gas is by picking as many healing items as possible.

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These Healing items include

Pain killers

Energy drinks

Medical kits

First Aid Kits


Bandages, etc.

Understand the Zones

The zone map is established in a circle, and as the phase goes by. The zone gets smaller and smaller to the extent that the players have to face each other. To play a safe game, it is important for you to know and understand in which zone you are in at the moment. This will let you know how safe you are. There are four zones in total in the PUBG mobile game.

  • The Gas or Blue Zone:

When you are in this zone, your health points get deducted. You need to stay out of this zone or must have enough healing items to survive through this zone.

  • The Red Zone:

This is the most unpredictable and dangerous zone of all the zones in this game. When you are in this zone, you must look for shelters like a house, or tree, or any other building which can cover you. This will save you from getting attacked.

  • The Safe Zone:

The safe zone is safe, just safe for the sake of the name. You must hold and protect your position from the enemies. The safe zone comes after the blue zone, and you might get 2 or 3 safe zones in a single game.

  • The Play Zone:

This is the most action-packed zone of the game. Almost all the fights and killings happen inside the play zone. It is a temporary zone between the red and blue zone.

Thus, if you want to become a pro at PUBG, you definitely need to understand the nZone Map of this game.

Learn Weapon Mechanics

The game significantly depends on the gunshots, if you are not good at it, no matter how many PUBG mobile tips and tricks you learn, it’s all in vain. There are three fire functions in this game:

  • Single fire: One bullet at a time, when you aim for shooting in long-range. 
  • Burst Fire: Multiple firing of bullets at a time.
  • Buto Fire: Rapidly firing of the bullets.

You should know how to take advantage of these fire functions in which situations. When you practice these tricks while playing, you are definitely going to become a pro at it. 


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