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The best way of educating, socializing, and learning something new is by exploring the best places for adventure, engaging yourself in multiple cultures, and coming out of your comfort zone. Adventure can begin anywhere, even in your backyard; you do not have to search for the top-notch best places for adventure.

If you are a person who loves to visit new places to travel for adventure and loves to meet new people, explore diverse cultures, then this My Mind Speaks article is for you.

When it comes to deciding where to travel and picking out the best places to travel, we all get confused, especially when if you are a first-timer, things get tough to decide. To make things easier for you, My Mind Speaks enlisted for you some best places for adventure, which will satisfy your traveler soul. Here are some fantastic places you should definitely visit.

Eastern Canada

Yes, you have heard it right, it is quite cold in Canada, but it is one of the best places for adventure. You might be thinking, how can a cold place like Canada be adventurous? But the people of Canada embrace this cold with different worth watching festivals. If you are an exciting person and love places to travel for adventure, then you will love the festivals celebrated in Eastern Canada.

The season starts with Lobster Crawl in Nova Scotia. Here, you can enjoy more than 100 varieties of Lobsters. This festival continues n the month of February. So, if you are a seafood fan, then you should pay a visit to Nova Scotia. If you want to have an amazing culinary experience with some fun, then the Mid-Winter Bivver festival in Newfoundland and Labrador would be great. Here you can enjoy snowmobile and try different amazing foods. If you want some more adventure in Canada, you can visit Winter Carnival in Quebec City; here, you can enjoy night parades and ice canoe races. If your love for food cannot be tamed, then visiting the city of Saint John is a must. Because a restaurant week named Chop Chop is celebrated where you can satisfy your taste buds. These are some of the best places for adventure in Canada.

Peruvian Amazon

This Amazon rainforest area included in the country of Peru is one of the fantastic places to travel for adventure. If you are a jungle freak and love to travel places for adventure, then visiting this side of the Amazon will surely enthuse you. You can witness various versions of the forest like flooded forests, low jungles, high jungles, jungle ruins, waterfall, etc.

Many people visit this Amazon for fishing purposes. If you like fishing, you can find many Piranha fishes to catch and trust me they make a tasty meal.  You can also enjoy the beautiful Amazon River flowing through this forest. You can also hire a riverboat and stay on it. What can be more beautiful than staying aboard a luxurious riverboat? Thus, Peruvian Amazon is full of the best places for adventure.

New Zealand

We have heard about New Zealand as one of the best places for adventure since our childhood. But ever wondered what is it so special about this country? The diverse and amazing landscape makes this country stand tall when it comes to tourism. From volcanoes to beautiful coastlines, this country has it all.

If you want an experience filled with an adrenaline rush, then visit Queenstown. This place is for all the people who love adventure and fun. You can do bungee jumping, water rafting, hiking, what not? This place is a fantastic destination for tourists who want to have an excellent vacation experience. So, if you want a lifetime experience of fun and adventure, then visiting New Zealand is the best decision. Consider New Zealand as one of the best places for adventure.

Dordogne, France

This place is France is famous for its fairytale-like landscape. Beautiful castles, amazing view, incredible weather, there is no such tourist attraction which Dordogne doesn’t have. It is considered as the best place for adventure. The diverse culture will leave you awestruck. Many festivals are celebrated in Dordogne, one of the most famous is Félibrée; you can enjoy music, food, dance, anything and everything at this festival. This festival has been celebrated for 100 years. Dordogne is definitely one of the fantastic places to travel for adventure. You can meet new people, dance like crazy, enjoy the music to the fullest and make new friends.

This is the best place to enjoy a vacation away from the hassles of the hectic work schedule. Do visit Dordogne France to have the ultimate experience of food, culture, and music. And who doesn’t like to let themselves loosen up when it comes to holiday? Hence, Dordogne in France is one of the incredible places to travel for adventure.


The amazing wildlife, beautiful landscape, and breathtaking view make Alaska one of the best places for adventure. If you are a pro traveler, then you might know that Alaska is one the bucket list of almost every travel enthusiast. Katmai National Park is one of the main tourist attractions where you can watch bears and appreciate the beautiful nature.

You can witness grizzly bears eating salmons from the river. And the best part about this place is that you can enter and exit only through a floatplane. Adventurous, isn’t it? Alaska is one of the best places for adventure because of pf the diverse wildlife. Tourists from all around the world visit Alaska to give their vacation a fun element.


How can we forget Thailand when it comes to enlisting the best places for adventure? Thailand is one of the hubs of tourist attractions. From amazing nightlife, to calm sunsets near the beach, you can enjoy to the fullest in Thailand. Every year many people travel to Thailand to spend their holidays.

If you are a beach lover, no place is better than Thailand. It has all the splendid beaches and fantastic coastline. You can scuba dive, snorkel, sunbathe, etc. and enjoy the beautiful marine life. If you are a party person, then Bangkok is where you need to go to enjoy to the fullest. Thus, Thailand is one of the best places for adventure.

 So, these were some of the top listed places to travel for adventure, which My Mind Speaks compiled for you. Do pay a visit to these amazing holiday destinations to enjoy your vacations to the fullest.


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