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After you have finalized one of the Packers and movers Delhi and you have got some of the precious moment in your current home. There come many of the stressful things then you moving to another city. It’s just not that it brings your life upside down but it takes a lot of efforts too. Like physical process which requires very hard work for packing and shifting into a new home.

Although, you can find these shifting thing turning on your nerves. So you need to be prepared for that also because preparing in advance is always a good idea.

So if you are searching for some packing tips that will make your move safe and easy, then stop your search right away because we have sorted it out for you. Let’s begin with our packing tips which surely helps you in your next move.

1. Pack an overnight bag

Most of the time you travel anywhere, you get too tired and feel sick to unpack your things to take out your things. You will need to get those essential things through easy access such as your one pair of clothes and toiletries as well. You can use this tip for laptop also as it reduces the chance to get stole of laptop.

2. Pack the only things you actually use

As it’s time to move and your packers and movers Delhi have given you a deadline to be off. Bring your attention to your closet and other households which you don’t have used for so long. Doing so you can come across to see things you want to donate. You can find many of the NGO’s where you can donate household and clothes.

3. Get a plastic bin

After that you have finalized which things you are going to pack and what thing you want to donate then you can contact your packers and movers Delhi. Usually, they can help you in this process and you can move ahead to pack your needed things like a box cutter, paper, trash bins, cookware, utensils, etc. in a plastic bin. This plastic bin will offer you a clear vision to see the things you need after you have shifted into your new house.

4. Pack all the chargers

As you know, nowadays the very important thing is in our life is mobile phones. The lifeline of this thing is charger so you should carry that with caution. It is recommended for you to pack all the chargers you come across.

packing tips

5. An “Open me first box”

This one box will be containing all the things you can’t go a day without. You need to pack things like toilet papers, bed sheets, blankets, medicine, specs, etc. in this box. Ask your Packers and movers Delhi, to leave this one box with you as this box will contain some of the fragile items.

6. Keep essential things off of moving truck

One of the reasons for this is the fact that it might happen that when you reach there your household goods may arrive there late. So you need to keep your “open me first” box and other vital things like your keys, charger, paper documents, and some other necessary items with you.

7. Label the boxes

At the time you arrive at your new house, you can unpack your things easily. Just label the boxes with things mentioned on it so that you can provide accurate instructions to your packers and movers Gurgaon to deliver them by room.

Remember to label them by side not by tops so that way you can take an idea that your goods are stacked up.

8. Changing your address

There are many of the home shifting service providers in Delhi who suggests you fill out the “change of address form” at the postal services so this will lead them forward your mail and inform the senders about your new address. Along with that don’t forget to update magazine subscription, credit cards or any insurance statement so this will help you to maintain your important mail.

9. Don’t forget to number the boxes

Try to make a list in which you will mention the number the boxes and write the things which are in the box. This will help you to ensure you don’t leave any box behind. If there’s something very important then write in a detailed manner that which thing is in which the number of box.


So these were some of the packing tips which your home shifting service provider hardly tell you. Happy to tell you this mini points which help you to organize all the things in a manner way for your shifting. Next time you don’t find any trouble when you are packing your goods for shifting in a new home.


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