Benefits Of Ostrich Meat

Being the largest, flightless bird in the world, Ostriches have become a part of almost everyone’s diet. Nearly all the dieticians and health practitioners are suggesting ostrich meat as the best form of red meat. The health benefits of ostrich meat are incredible. Ostrich meat is not just lower in calories and cholesterol as compared to other red meats, but it is quite rich in iron too.

Though this meat is quite rich in fat too, this fat is removable while processing the food. Today in My Mind Speaks article, we present you some amazing health benefits of ostrich meat. And do we mention that the benefits of ostrich meat include that it is one of the best sources of protein as well? Let’s discuss some of the splendid benefits of this superfood.

High in Protein

Everyone knows that proteins are the building elements of our body, for a stronger body, we need plenty of these healthy building elements. Protein is the primary source of providing life to the organs of our body. They build muscles, stimulate energy, and improve power. If you do not get a sufficient amount of protein, your body might get under the attack of any malignant disease.

One of the incredible health benefits of ostrich meat is that it has plenty of amounts of protein in it which helps in the growth and repair of cells and muscles. A hundred grams of ostrich meat contains 20.6% of the protein in it. So, being rich in protein is one of the best advantages of eating ostrich meat. If you want to build strong muscles and are fond of delicious meat, then this ostrich meat is the best source of protein for having an improved power and stimulation of our body.

Ostrich Meat is Low in Fats

Eating foods that are rich in fats maximize the number of harmful cholesterols. Fats create inflammation, and these inflammations cause heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. They also contribute to insulin resistance which can cause type 2 diabetes. But it’s not like we should totally cut off on fats, fats are essential for our body too. But excess of fat can cause obesity and weight gain.

The most significant perk of ostrich meat is that even though it is meat; it is quite low in fats. Thus, all the people who love to eat meat but are also conscious about their health and weight gain can eat this delicious form of red meat to treat their taste buds. There is 20% of fat per 100 grams of ostrich meat.

Rich in Iron

Iron is one of the essential minerals found in our body. You can consume this mineral from different sources like fruits, grains, and various types of meat. Iron is necessary for the transportation of oxygen in our red blood cells through hemoglobin. The deficiency of iron can cause Anemia. Research has shown that in a day, women must consume 17 milligrams of iron and men must consume eight milligrams.

One of the health benefits of ostrich meat is that it is excessively rich in iron. You can get approx 3.6 milligrams of iron per 200 grams of ostrich meat. This health benefit makes ostrich meat as one of the best meat that is being eaten worldwide.

Low in Cholesterol

Cholesterol is that substance which is essential for our body as well as harmful for our body. Our body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells. But too much of cholesterol can cause dangerous coronary diseases. High cholesterols can produce fatty sediments in our blood veins. When these sediments increase, This causes the blockage for the blood flow in our arteries which results in a cardiac attack.

Almost every meat is high in cholesterols, but the ostrich meat has a low amount of cholesterol in it. The amount of cholesterol is quite sufficient, which is harmless to our body and health. In a 100 gram serving of ostrich meat, there are 0.063 grams of cholesterol. This much amount of cholesterol is safe for our body, but it actually smoothens the flow of blood in our veins — this super food is just amazing in all aspects.

Easy to Cook

You should not cook ostrich meat more than medium. While roasting this meat, always keep low temperature and moisture. The ideal temperature for roasting the ostrich meat is 160 F. The best technique is to start roasting both sides with high heat and then continue cooking it on the low flame or temperature until you get the desired texture.

Most of the meats need to be drained the fats while sauteing, but ostrich meat is quite lean and does not need any draining of fats. One of the best advantages of consuming ostrich meat is that it is quite easy to prepare.

Taste is the Plus Point

The delicious taste of ostrich meat makes it the perfect pick for dinner any day. Though being a bird, ostrich meat tastes more like beef than chicken. You can grill it, fry it, pr steam it; this meat will taste perfect in any form.

Environmental Advantages

This meat is not only beneficial for health, but it is also an environment-friendly source of protein. These farm-raised birds do not need much space. They produce less methane as compared to cows and other animals. They also consume less food than other poultry or farm animals.

Raising ostriches are economically beneficial as well. A female ostrich produces a minimum of 40 chicks per year.

Many types of research have shown that ostrich meat was one of the favourite cuisines of ancient people. There are two species of an ostrich can be found, common ostrich and Somalian ostrich. This meat can be cubed or fillet and can be added as stir-fried and stews as well. Ostrich meat can be used for spaghetti, burgers, steam, etc.

These were some of the health benefits of ostrich meat which makes it one of the top choices for people who are health conscious but love to eat meat.


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