Black Rice

Everybody has various preferences when it comes to their eating habits. Some people like their meals with flatbread, some with rice, and those who are diet conscious choose brown rice, etc. But there is these new rice, which is not-so-new but its increasing popularity has made it the latest hot topic. So, this black rice (also known as forbidden rice or purple rice) is quite an ancient grain which has many benefits. You might have come across reading about this rice while searching for amazing food recipes online or just skimming through a magazine which has some amazing food recipes.

What is Black Rice?

It is the most utilized grains by the people who are fitness freak because of the incredible nutritional benefits it has.  It has many different names like purple rice, forbidden rice, Asian rice, etc. It is mostly cultivated in Asian areas like china, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc. It is also used to make various desserts. If you are a food lover and love to watch and try amazing food recipes, then you must have seen how excellent the black rice desserts are.

The History of Black Rice

This rice has the ultimate value back in ancient times. In those days, it was known as Forbidden rice or Emperor’s rice. It was called the Emperor’s rice because ordinary people needed to take permission from the authorities before consuming it. If someone ever ate it without permission, the punishment was way deadly. Only the elite class has the authority to cultivate and consume this rice. Only the elite class had the authority to try amazing food recipes of this rice. Despite its benefits, it was grown in a limited amount because ordinary people were forbidden to consume this beneficial rice.

Nutritional Benefits of Black Rice:

In this article of My Mind Speaks, we will discuss some unbelievable dietary benefits of this rice. This rice is gaining popularity day by day because of its health benefits. Whether on social sites or a TV program of some amazing food recipes you can hear about black rice everywhere. Studies have shown that adding this rice to your diet can be beneficial for you in ways you cannot even imagine. From cancer to controlling blood sugar, this magical ingredient has a cure for almost every disease. Doctors especially recommend it as a part of your daily meal. Here are some fantastic health benefits of black rice that you will not even find on the famous amazing food recipes shows.

Full of Antioxidants

The deep dark color of this rice is the proof of its being highly antioxidant. The outer layer of this grain is rich in an antioxidant named anthocyanin. Anthocyanin works best for people suffering from a cardiovascular problem. It also prevents all types of cardiovascular diseases. This is why you might have seen this rice as a primary ingredient in some amazing food recipes for people who have heart diseases. It helps in reducing inflammation too.  Another important antioxidant present in this rice is Vitamin E which improves your skin, sight, and hair growth. 

Rich Fiber Source

People who face problem in a regular bowel movement should consume this black rice as it is highly rich in fiber. A half-cup serving of this grain contains three grams of fiber. This incredible fiber source prevents diarrhea, bloating, and constipation. If you look for amazing food recipes to avoid constipation, you will find various recipes that contain this rice. Eating this rice will also give you a feeling of fulfillment which will save you from overeating.

Good Protein Enrichment

Many people do not eat rice because it is more carbs and less protein. But this rice is fully loaded with healthy protein. Proteins are essential for muscle building and for shedding fat. A hundred grams serving of this rice contains 8.5 grams proteins. Yes, you read it right. It is quite rich in protein which makes it one of the essential ingredients in many amazing food recipes that are rich in protein. Consuming this rice when you are on a protein diet is one of the best choices. You can add this ingredient in different protein salads.

Works Magic for Liver

As you are well aware that the liver is one of the multifunctional organs of our body and our liver must function properly to have a stable digestive system. This rice is incredible for making the liver work properly. It has detoxifying agents which remove the entire toxin from our body. The detoxifying agent named phytonutrients present in this rice helps to remove the toxin. If you search amazing food recipes to detoxify your body, you will find this ingredient quite prominent in many recipes. It is one of the splendid antioxidants that your body needs.

Prevents from Diabetes and Obesity

Many doctors and dieticians suggest consuming black rice to lower the risk of diabetes and obesity. Its property of being rich in fiber makes you feel full. This eventually makes you eat less. Hence, it is a popular ingredient for amazing food recipes to control obesity. And those people who love rice and cannot cut off on it but are also health-conscious. Then it is the best form of rice which is healthy.

Its fiber rich property also helps prevent diabetes. The fiber in this grain helps glucose to be absorbed by the body for a more extended period. The sugar level stays stable because the fiber takes longer to digest. If you want to maintain a balanced sugar level, add this rice to your amazing food recipes. 

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You can try different amazing food recipes with black rice, here are a few dishes you can try:

  • Forbidden rice with chicken
  • Forbidden rice Salad
  • Forbidden rice Risotto
  • Miso forbidden rice bowl

Forbidden rice with baked cauliflower These were some of the nutritional benefits of Black rice, which My Mind Speaks enlisted for you. You can try different amazing food recipes with forbidden rice. Do let us know if you consume this forbidden rice in your daily meal.


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