New Tech Gadgets 2019

The implementation of some cool gadgets for a smart home is rapidly growing. Almost all the household appliances are connected to provide you with remote use.  Some cool gadgets for smart home, like automated thermostats and home hubs, are ruling in the market for quite a long time with refinement and upgrading every year.

Having a smart system is now not limited to ask Google Assistant or Alexa to play the music or tell you about the weather update. Now, smart gadgets can clean your house and make your coffee.

These best new tech gadgets 2019 are providing a sense of convenience to your lifestyle. A few years back, these gadgets were considered just the source of entertainment, but now many people are fulfilling their everyday needs by utilizing these best new tech gadgets 2019.

If you are planning to visit the market to buy some cool gadgets for smart home, then this article by My Mind Speaks will help you to pick the most suitable and best new tech gadgets 2019 for your smart home.

You have got many choices when it comes to choosing the best new tech gadgets 2019. Whether it is a smart lock or home hub, we have got the best pick of the best new tech gadgets 2019 for you. These are some of the cool gadgets for smart home which you must have.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

These lights panels are one of the cool gadgets for smart home. These home kit friendly panels can be connected together to create a light illuminating panel.

These amazing light panels are touch-sensitive and can be connected to a thousand panels together. So, if you want to give a creative look to the walls of your smart home, then you should definitely go for these light panels.

Philips 7703 series TV

This kitchen-friendly, 24-inch television is all you need at hour home. It has some super awesome features which make it one of the best new tech gadgets 2019. It can be connected to Google Assistant and also has a built-in mic.

Isn’t it convenient to change the channel or turn up the volume while chopping the vegetables in the kitchen? That too, without using a remote control. It also supports Bluetooth so that you can play your favourite songs on the speaker while cooking. The best medium of entertainment for the whole family.

Indoor Security Camera by Netatmo

There are many wifi-enabled security cameras available in the market, but these indoor cameras are more efficient as compared to other cameras. Netatmo has lifted the game by introducing the Artificial Intelligence in the form of face recognition.

It means it will alert you about someone who should not be in your property. It can identify faces which should and should not be at your place. It also detects fire alarms. The setting can be customized to record only when unidentified people are present. This encourages the sense of respecting the privacy of people who are known. Such an efficient camera is a must-have in your smart home.

August Smart Lock Pro

This is one of the best new tech gadgets 2019, especially for those people who live alone and travel frequently. This is an easy-to-install lock with various features like WiFi connectivity, Google Assistant and Alexa support, Z wave compatibility, etc.

This lock includes August’s DoorSense technology; this technology tells you that whether your door is opened or closed. This enables you to know that your home is secure. It might be a bit costly,  but the price is worth the features it is providing.

Withings Sleep

You can keep a record of your sleeping patterns and get tips and tricks on how to improve the quality of your sleep. It enables you to connect with phone apps and fitness trackers. You can simply slide it through your sheets to get the perfect readings.

Its app tells you the breakdown of the times you went to sleep daily. It can also be integrated to follow commands like switching off the light while sleeping, etc. It also tracks the time when you wake up, for how much time you had a deep sleep or light sleep. Isn’t it one of the cool gadgets for smart home?

Polaris 9650iQ

Did you ever think that days will come when a portable robot will clean your swimming pools? This robotic pool cleaner is one of the best gadgets you can own in your smart home.

It has WiFi connectivity and mobile app, which enables you to control the cleaning through your smartphone. The cleaning performance is really clear; it detects all the dirt and debris in the pool. It is one of the perfect cleaning robots. The only flaw is the price tag. A thousand and a half is the actual price of this incredible smart home gadget.

Ikuddle- Smart Litter Tray for Cats

When it comes to the smart home, how can you forget your pet? Automating your house means automating almost everything, then why not the chores of litter cleaning? This is the perfect litter box if you have a cat and want some smartness for its lifestyle too.

Whenever your cat enters the tray, the iKuddle detects it and soil up the litter, packing it up in an airtight bag. And sprays the deodorant to eliminate the odour. It also keeps track of your cat’s health according to the number of toilet trips your cat makes. This is why it is one of the best new tech gadgets 2019.

Qardio Base 2

If you are one of those people who prefer the gym at home, then this is the best pick for you. It is one of the best new tech gadgets 2019 which you must have. This gadget tracks BMI through the mobile app. It also tells you about your bone composition, body mass, water, and even pregnancy. This gadget is the perfect pick for people who are conscious about their health and fitness.

Nanit Plus

When you are shopping the cool gadgets for smart home, how can you forget about your little one? Nanit is one of the best new tech gadgets 2019 for baby monitoring. It even works without the internet. It has natural sounds, two-way audio so that you can talk to your child, and records your child’s breathing.

It has a night mode to dim the screen. The camera streams the video on your smartphone. It also supports background audio, so when you open other apps, you can still listen to your child. The best feature in the app is that you can restrict user access. Only parents or approved people can access the mobile app. Thus, it is an all in one gadget for your baby.

These were some of the best new tech gadgets 2019 you should have to have an incredible smart home.


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