Blood Type Diet
Blood Type Diet

We won’t be surprised if you say that you haven’t heard of something like a blood type diet. Most of the people are quite unfamiliar with this trait of diet. If you are also curious to know all about this diet, then this My Mind Speaks’ article is all you need to read. We’ve brought the complete insight into what blood type diet is and how it has essential health benefits that help to lead a healthy life.

What is the Blood Type Diet?

We all consider that it is important to know which blood group we belong to, only for the medical diagnosis, and to find any disease in our body. But as the science in revolutionizing, so is the study. This diet is basically started with a concept by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a naturopath, who came up with the idea that people should maintain a diet according to the type of their blood, as it will help people achieve a healthy lifestyle. It will also reduce the risk of developing many diseases. All in all, the central idea od this diet is that the blood type of the person should influence her/his diet.

Eating According to Your Blood Type

The variation in your blood type may make you whether vulnerable or resilient to certain health conditions. For instance, studies have shown that people who have group A and AB are more susceptible to have gastric cancer. Also, the results of a study showed that groups A, B, and B have a high risk of getting heart diseases.

According to Dr D’Adamo, when a specific food gets into our bodies, it has a certain chemical reaction with our blood. And this is why people with different blood groups react differently to a particular food.

The Diet

This is how people with different blood group should eat accordingly:

Blood Type A

People who belong to blood group A must have a diet that is full of veggies and fruits. Also, legumes, beans, and whole grains are must-haves. In simple words: “Fresh and Organic” is all a person with blood group A should eat. This is because blood group A person has a weak immune system; thus, they should completely avoid red meat or other high-fat meat. This diet somehow resembles a vegetarian diet, but it works wonders as your body gets healthy like never before. The blood type A diet is also known as Agrarian.

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Blood Type B

Plants, vegetables, and meats like red meat and mutton, are the food that a person who belongs to blood type B should eat. This is called the nomad diet. You can also add a small amount of dairy too. The blood type B people should totally avoid eating peanuts, lentils, tomatoes, sesame seeds. Chicken is also one of the biggest enemies of this blood group, although chicken is lean meat. Still, the agglutinating lectin in the chicken can attack your bloodstream and might become the reason for strokes and other immune disorders. Low-fat dairy, eggs, and vegetables can be considered as best friends.

Blood Type AB

According to Dr.D’Adamo, people who belong to blood group AB should completely cut down on caffeine, alcohol, and grilled/ smoked food. This is because type A blood people have low stomach acid and tend to get affected easily by these foods. Green veggies, tofu, seafood, beans, grains are food to focus on. Kidney beans, beef, chicken, corn are recommended to avoid. This is called the enigma diet, and many people are following this diet religiously to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Blood Type O

This is called the hunter diet. As its name, it is a high-protein diet based mainly on meat. People who belong to the group of O blood must have an adequate intake of meat. The other important food for this diet includes fish, poultry, vegetables, and fruits. You can say that the O blood group people can have the most diverse diet of all except for the legumes, grains, and dairy. The people who belong to the O blood group must have a limited amount of these foods. The diet also resembles the famous paleo diet. The reason why the O blood group should avoid dairy, grains, and legume is that the people who belong to this group get stomach issues quite often. Dr.D’Amore also suggested that these people should take other supplements also to keep their stomach working properly.

Does This Diet Work?

A study showed that people who were on A type of diet had quite an improvement in their health. Though many doctors are not sure about whether this diet works or not because, in 2013, a review was conducted, which proved that no significant health benefits were seen from this diet.

All in all, this diet can be work perfectly if you intend to lose weight. As this diet has many restrictions, it will likely help you in losing your excessive weight. If you go on this diet, and your health improves, it does not mean it is because of the blood type. It is actually because you were limiting your intake of fatty food.    

There were studies conducted which proved that your blood type influences of getting certain diseases. For instance, people who belong to the O blood group have a lower risk of heart disease and a  higher risk of getting stomach ulcers. However, this study also showed that it has nothing to do with the diet. But there is no single study conducted which refutes or confirms that this diet, according to your blood type, is beneficial. Although many people got their health improved by consuming this diet plan, according to Dr.D’Adamo and we too consider it an amazing diet, but we cannot vouch on it. This article was written only for the informatory purpose; we neither recommend nor refute this diet plan. We recommend you to consult your physician or dietician before starting any diet plan


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