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Nowadays, it is hard to find a “bad” new car. Because the manufacturing, modeling, and designing of automobiles are getting better day by day. When it comes to a car for buying, reliability is one of the vital features of any vehicle. Different countries are specializing in various aspects of vehicles. Like Italian cars are attractive but not so reliable. The cars made in Japan possess a strong body. Whereas French vehicles might face some electrical fixtures. Finding reliable cars 2019 which have a perfect body and great features is quite difficult these days. Because if the car is reliable, the body might not be attractive. If the collection is impressive, the features are imperfect. If you are planning a car for buying, then do keep in mind that it must be one of the reliable cars 2019. 

Finding a car for buying, which must be one of the reliable cars 2019 will be a piece of cake for you after reading this blog post by My Mind Speaks. My Mind Speaks have compiled some fantastic reliable cars 2019 for you which you would love to buy. These cars are not just competent, but they provide you with the best experience of car for buying. Check out these reliable cars 2019 and let us know are you going to buy them?

Most reliable cars 2019:

Toyota Prius

It won’t be wrong to say that Toyota Prius is one of the most reliable cars 2019. The best thing about this vehicle is that it is quite basic for everyday transportation. The prices are super awesome and affordable. If you want a car for buying and reliability plus comfort is what you want then no vehicle is better for you than this Toyota Prius. It also gives you incredible gas mileage as compared to other reliable cars 2019. 

Toyota Prius

The company has done a few updates in the Prius model, which has made it a more reliable car for buying. It now comes with a stiffer platform and improved battery technology. The makeover is also made to the interiors which make the cabin look more attractive and comfortable. 

Lexus NX 

With a reliability score of 96.25%, this car is one of the most reliable cars 2019. Lexus has been excelling at proving that it is possible to have a luxury car for buying, which is reliable as well. The quality is too good of this vehicle, and not more than 7% of the people have complained about facing any issues. The equipment and interior of this car are of high-level standards. The prices are reasonable too. This hybrid car is undoubtedly one of the most reliable cars in 2019.

Hyundai Elantra

This compact car is one of the most reliable cars 2019 because of the prices as well as the best quality. Being a compact car, it has various features which are very much competitive of any luxury car for buying. The price tag in which it comes makes it affordable for almost everyone to have such a classy and reliable car.

Hyundai is also offering sports and eco models which are more efficient with better performance. 


A wireless phone charging, Android and Apple Carplay compatibility of the 8-inch screen makes Elantra one of the most reliable cars 2019. 

Mazda CX 5 2019

This new model of Mazda CX is one of the reliable cars 2019. The reliability score of this beauty is 95.15%. This vehicle is highly dependable, having tremendous and classy interiors. The performance is more efficient as compared to the old models. Mazda RX 5 is the best car for buying. The upscale cabin, precise steering and athletic handling make Mazda Rx 5 2019 one of the most reliable cars 2019. 

Peugeot 3008

Not being a Korean or Japanese model. Still, Peugeot is one of the most reliable cars 2019. Dual screen dashboard, high-quality interiors, and fantastic design make it the most stylish car for buying. The reliability score is 95.22% which makes it the best car to have in Britain. It is a full-fledged SUV now, unlike its old models. The ingenious technologies and amplified experience make it one of the suitable cars to buy. This compact car is very economical, as well.

Skoda Octavia

Being a part of the Volkswagen group, this car made to the list of most reliable cars 2019. The reliability score of this car is 94.55%. A new four headlight design makes it look attractive. It also provides excellent mileage. But the owners who bought Skoda reported some issues like gearbox problem. 

Audi Q3

The interiors, sleek styling, and dynamic design make Audi Q3 one of the reliable cars 2019. Just as all it models, Audi never compromises on performance, style, and refinement of the vehicles. This luxury car makes your driving experience worthy. The clean design with the excellent build quality and the proven engine makes the Audi Q3 stand tall.

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Toyota 4Runner

Toyota is one of the aces when it comes to reliable cars 2019. This company is providing reliable and amazing vehicles for years without dropping quality and performance. This SUV 4Runner is quite versatile in terms of driving. The excellent body and style make it look more attractive and exciting. It provides a comfortable drive even in the ups and downs. The resale value and dependability of 4Runner are quite impressive. It is one of the most dependable cars you can buy.

Ford Fusion

This solid midsize Sedan is one of the most reliable cars 2019. This car has impressive tech support with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, and wifi hot spot, which support almost ten devices. These cool features make this car very dependable and reliable. 

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Honda CR V 2019

With a reliability score of 95.16%, this car is one of the reliable cars you can buy. It comes with very few faults, and the interiors are quite spacious. The only flaws that can occur are the electrical issues which can be handled easily. Other than that, this vehicle is a perfect pick.

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So, these were the top 10 most reliable cars which we at My Mind Speaks have shortlisted for you. Let us know if you find these cars reliable or not.

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