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It won’t be wrong to declare 2019 as the year of gadgetry and electronics. Keeping up with the latest gadgets is almost impossible because of the exponential advancement in the latest technology and the creation of the latest gadgets every year. The good news is that these gadgets don’t cost a fortune. They are affordable, and you can buy them easily.

This My Mind Speaks article aims to streamline your choices in the latest gadgets which you should own this year. So, if you love playing games, listening to music, love to spend hours on social media, then this My Mind Speaks blog post is for you.

From 5G phones to 3D selfie cameras, there is a lot to look forward in the lastest gadgets industry this year. From culinary experts to social maniacs, the gadgets this year satisfy almost everyone. Here is a compilation of some super cool latest gadgets of this year

Philips Sleepless Headband

This cool headband which is such an incredible innovation of latest technology helps you to improve your sleeping pattern. It can be considered as one of the best latest gadgets because it helps to recover and restore brain cells. It emits a tone that enables you to fall asleep. This headband is one of the best latest gadgets for all the insomniacs.

Move ECG by Withings

Withings is known for making the most exceptional health care latest gadgets and products. They utilize the latest technology in the best way possible. They are also experts in making smartwatches and their smartwatches are loved by people. In their latest model, an ECG monitor is included. Its price is much lesser than that of Apple Watch 4 Series. It is one of the latest gadgets that you should add to your essentials.

Samsung Modular TV

Samsung is up in the game of the latest technology. They always come up with something incredible. If you love watching Netflix while lying at your couch, then you should have something more than just a television. Samsung has introduced a modular 146 inch TV which is resizable just as you want. This latest technology innovation of Samsung has been named as “The Wall”. If you minimize the size of the screen. The surroundings change according to your wall on which the Modular is placed. You can adjust the size of the screen just as you desire. Isn’t it cool?

Royole FlexPai Smartphone

With the advancement in the latest technology, nothing is impossible. A smartphone whos screen can be out folded, and it becomes a tablet is one of the latest gadgets everyone wants. There are some concerns due to which it is not out yet. For instance, the aspect ratio, the display will be a bit irregular when unfolded. Once these issues are resolved, this will be the hot product in the market soon. Because who won’t love to own such a remarkable and cool gadget. Add it to your must-have latest gadgets list now.

Leap Motion

The touch screen computers are already at their peak. With more advancement in the latest technology, the gestures are not very far. Working on the latest gadgets like computers will be on the next level when these Leap Motion screens are introduced. It works on gestures and makes the experience of working on computer incredible. All the tech geeks will love this gadget as you just need to wave and make gestures in front of the screen. Leap Motion is the best groundbreaking latest technology that is being used all around the world. This indeed is the best use of virtual and augmented reality.

Volta Mookie

If you think that the latest gadgets nowadays are only for human, then you’re wrong. The latest technology is animal-friendly as well. This pet feeder is one of the fantastic inventions. It has face recognition. If you have multiple pets, then you know the pain of keeping track of the meals of each pet. Volta Mookie has made this easy for you. It has two separate bowls with lids which functions only on the face recognition. This is one of the latest gadgets which all the pet lovers would love to have.


Nuraloop is one of the amazing latest gadgets for all music lovers. The company, Nuraphones have been manufacturing incredible headphone which provides strong sound for quite an extended period. It is an in-ear earphone which adjusts the sound just according to your hearing ability. It uses signal processing to adjust the output. It also has a noise-canceling option. And social mode that increases and decreases the outside sound just according to your need. This is one of the must-have the latest gadgets because it provides a super awesome battery life which every music lover desires to have.

Sphero SpecDrum

This is one of the coolest latest gadgets by Sphero. The same company which manufactures Star Wars R2-D2 toys and spherical robots. This company never fail to utilize the latest technology for educating children. Their toys always have some learnable angle to it. It also provides platforms for children to learn coding. This Spectrum is also one of the coolest inventions with two silicon rings; they produce tunes, beats, sound when touched on the specific color. The color pad comes along with the ring. But you can also generate music by contacting anything with the rings. What a fantastic use of the latest technology for kid’s entertainment.

Casio Pro Trek Smart Watch

It is one of the best latest gadgets for adventure seekers. It has an option for application integration, energy-efficient GPS. If you get lost somewhere, this awesome gadget provides color map even when offline. It displays essential data like date, place, and much more. These latest gadgets are surely making us all go crazy over them. Some of them are invented to make our lives simpler, others for fun and entertainment. We hope that you found this compilation of latest gadgets of this year by My Mind Speaks knowledgeable and helpful.


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