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Laptops are the need for almost every student. But the variety of laptops in the market, it is quite challenging to decide which of them are the best laptops for students. We think that laptops for students should have a perfect combination of beautiful design and performance to deliver the exact level of performance that students need while studying.

Budget is also an important factor when buying the laptop, especially for college students who pay their fees and other expenses. But this does not mean that you should compromise on the performance and buy a cheaper laptop. The ideal laptop for students is the one that is affordable as well as provides high performance.

In this article by My Mind Speaks, we will let you know about some best student laptops 2019, which will help you in making the correct decision regarding the laptops.

Whether you use a laptop for online lectures or for making notes, you must have a laptop that performs well and has excellent battery life. You can get many entry-level laptops in a low budget. But while buying a laptop for study purposes, it is better to spend a few more bucks to get a computer that is a better performer.

How to Buy the Best Student Laptops 2019?

Before choosing the laptop, you should consider some factors and make a list of specifications that you want for your laptop. Do not always rush to buy the laptops that are on sale; they might be on sale because of their poor performance or slow response rate. Try to buy more recent models rather than opting for the older version. Check the processors, RAM, storage, and hard disk before choosing any laptop. These are some of the best student laptops 2019, which are the perfect match of performance and design.

Chromebook 514 by Acer

Acer is one of the best basic and cheap laptop providers. Most Chromebooks by Acer are sold to students as an educational device in many institutions. Chromebook 514 is not just budget-friendly, but Acer has put quite an effort to make this laptop as attractive as possible. It has a perfect, stylish design, plus it is quite lightweight, which makes it easy for you to carry your laptops to your schools. Students who work on GoogleDocs and GoogleSheets, this laptop is the perfect choice for you. It does not have many specs, but the performance and affordable price have made it one of the best laptops for students.

Apple MacBook Air

This Macbook is one of the best student laptops 2019. It’s new, stylish, and super fast. If the price is not the problem, then no laptop is better for you then this Macbook. MacBook is the all-time favorite of college students. The USB type-c port, touch ID, and retina display have made this MacBook Air for many students. The Intel Core i5 processor, 128 GB SSD, and 8 GB memory, what else can you ask for in a fast laptop?

Huawei Matebook 13

On the third position of our list of best student laptops 2019, is Matebook 13 by Huawei. The best laptop is the one that has an affordable price and best performance, and this Matebook 13 is the closest to these factors. The lightweight and compactivity let you slide it in your backpack easily. The 13-inch stylish screen lets you have the perfect display so that you can easily focus on your homework, projects, etc. The only flaw is that its battery is not as extraordinary as the laptop itself. You need to keep the charger along if you want to spend the whole day studying on your laptop. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The surface Pro is always on the lead when it comes to two in one laptop. This device works as both a laptop and a tablet. But it works best as the tablet. It is wider and thinner as compared to the old models. The 13-inch display screen is the ideal screen size for many students. It comes with a slim pen, which enables you to note down the lectures easily. Students who need laptops with longer battery life, this laptop is the perfect pick for them.

XPS 13 by Dell

These flagship laptops by Dell have always been one of the best laptops for students. This laptop is ideal for casual as well as professional use. Dell has launched the XPS entry-level laptop series, which has made it quite affordable for students to by a laptop, which is great in performance. The webcam location has also been updated, as many of the users found it quite frustrating. These models of XPS are topping with i7 Intel Quad-Core processor, 16 GB RAM, and 1TB memory. The best thing is that the keyboard is quite punchy and responsive.

Google Pixelbook Go

The Pixelbook is one of the best laptops for students as it is as luxury as anyone can dream of. The price is a bit high, but it is worth it. With the 8th generation of m3 Intel Core processor, 64 GB storage, and 1090 p full HD touch display screen, this laptop is the ideal choice of any student. The elegant design is going to make the fellow students drool over it. When it comes to best student laptops 2019, the Pixelbook Go by Google is unmatchable in terms of specifications and features. Longer battery life and super-fast keyboard are the plus points of this amazing Pixelbook Go.

Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11

There are many projects and work that can not be done on a Chromebook. But this amazing Chromebook lets you perform many tasks on processor consuming apps. Getting this Chromebook is quite a reasonable decision as it might save you some money. Getting a 2-in-1 in the price range as low as this Chromebook 11 is quite impossible. It comes with 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3060 dual-core, 64 Gb memory, and 32GB eMMC storage. This is one of the best student laptops 2019, especially for students who are pursuing professional and technical studies.

Dell Latitude 3300

The last in our list of best student laptops 2019 is the latitude 3300 by Dell. It might not be sleeky and stylish, but it might make your fellow students jealous when their cute tiny laptops might run out of battery, and your Dell Latitude 3300 would be still rolling. With outstanding battery life, extraordinary performance, and extensive connectivity options, Dell Latitude 3300 is one of the best laptops for students.

It has built-in Windows 10 enabled with 8 GB Ram, 56GB PCIe SSD, and Intel Core i5 processor. It might cost you around $600. So many features in this price tag are quite a win-win situation for Dell. These were some of the best student laptops in 2019, which are a must-have for college students.

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