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In September 2019, Apple launched its three latest smartphones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 ProMax. And without any doubt, they are beautiful, but iPhone11 Pro is making the most waves among the three latest smartphones. Samsung was leading the smartphone game before the Apple launch, but the competition is quite tough now.

People who are planning to buy the latest smartphones are now confused whether they should buy iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy s10 because both the latest smartphones are extra powerful, extra-large, and attractive.

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone and you are confused between iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy s10, then this My Mind Speaks article is a must-read for you. Here is a comparison between the latest smartphones, which will help you to pick the best phone according to your needs.

 iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10:

We will discuss and compare some of the attributes and features of both the latest smartphones to clear out the confusion you are facing.

The Design:

Galaxy S10:

It’s Infinity Edge bent display is a classic with an attractive camera design. The screen size is 6.1″ which is quite large and perfect for people who prefer large screens. The three cameras arrangement is in a rectangular way. All in all, this phone is quite sleek and stylish.

iPhone 11 Pro:

If you do not like a bigger phone, then this smartphone is perfect as the screen size is 5.8″. The edges are round, which gives it a unique but generic look. The three cameras are arranged in a triangular arrangement, which is a significant turn-off because it provides an uneven look.

If we talk about design, then Galaxy S10 is the winner, because of its stylish design, large display and elegant camera arrangements.

The Display Screen:

Galaxy S10:

Samsung went one step forward and introduced Infinity O display. The resolution 3040 x 1440 is incredibly high, and the screen is bezel-free. The front camera has an OLED cut-off panel which gives more space for photos, videos, etc. The fingerprint node at the back has been removed and replaced by the in-screen sensor.

iPhone 11 Pro:

The back is entirely changed, but Apple didn’t play much with the display since it’s the last release. The display is quite similar to iPhone X and XS. With 2436 x 1125 display resolution and 5.8″ OLED screen with a notch are no more different from the previous iPhone.

In the comparison of these latest smartphones, the pros are in favour of Galaxy 10 as it has much better resolution than iPhone 11 Pro.


It’s been quite a long time since the race between Apple and Samsung is up. This time it is between iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10:

Samsung Galaxy S10 is packed with a powerful processor with Snapdragon 855 chip. It is one of the best performers being an Android phone. This provides excellent gaming and multi-tasking with super speed.

iPhone 11 Pro:

Apple always raises its game by introducing new processors for its launches. In this iPhone 11 Pro, they have super powerful A 13 bionic chipset, and as the Apple claims, it is the fastest processing chip of all time. It takes the AR and AI capabilities to new heights.

As both the latest smartphones do not support 5G, the competition of performance is neck to neck. But according to a performance test, Bionic A12 beat the 855 chipsets. Now imagine what A13 chipset can do.


Samsung Galaxy S10:

As always, Samsung is leading the fast charging game. With wireless charging at 15W and wired charging at 45 W, Galaxy S10 provides the most extended battery life and fast charging. The Qi-compatible device can be placed at the back of the phone for wireless charging, isn’t it perfect? The battery size is 3400 mAh which gives long battery life, and it can also charge other devices with its wireless PowerShare technology.

iPhone 11Pro:

Apple has never disclosed its battery size in any of its launches. But the wild guesses are being made as the iPhone XS was 2658 mAh, then 11Pro might be 15% larger. Apple also claims that the battery life is extended four hours as of iPhone Xs’s, which is quite a big jump. According to Apple, its 18 W plug will charge 55% battery in just 30 minutes.

The wireless charging feature and large battery elevate the Samsung Galaxy S10 game in this competition.

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Galaxy S10:

Samsung Galaxy S10 has triple rear cameras, places in a rectangular arrangement, giving an elegant look to the design of the smartphone. The wide and ultra-wide angles have 16 megapixels camera, the presence of shifting to wide aperture feature makes the camera more lovable.

The front camera is 10 megapixels which capture perfect selfies. Samsung tried to enhance its dedicated night mode, and they decently succeeded.

iPhone 11 Pro:

The arrangement of the triple cameras might not be attractive, but you are going to love the results. Though the cameras are of 12 megapixels, the image quality is no less as of Galaxy S10’s. 4k Videos, low light shots, slo-mos, are way more than perfect with these amazing iPhone 11 pro cameras. The extra width short is also an excellent addition to the tools for capturing landscapes and interiors.

The iPhone 11 Pro cameras are a bit better as compared to Galaxy 10 because despite having lesser pixels, it provides better picture and video quality than the Galaxy cameras.

The Price:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a $100 cheaper as compared to the iPhone 11 Pro. The cost of the iPhone is around USD 999, whereas the Samsung flagship phone Galaxy S10 is $899. If you have a limited budget, then you should definitely go for Samsung Galaxy S10, as it has all the features almost similar to iPhone plus, the prices are not to heavy for your pocket.


So, these were a few features of both smartphones. iPhone 11 Pro might be $100 expensive, but it will satisfy all your needs. Whereas on the other hand, Galaxy S10 is the perfect pick with a fantastic cost. The choice is totally yours. We hope that this comparison between iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 which My Mind Speaks brought for you will help you in making a clear decision.


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