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Do you know what the best part of traveling to different places is? The amazing and diverse foods which are full of flavors and culture of that place. If you are a foodie and loves to try unique kinds of foods, then you must go for culinary travel.

Traveling is all about discovering and exploring new things, and the best way to experience something new is by trying some best international foods while you are on your journey. Whether you are roaming in the streets of Italy or Spending some quality time at the Thailand beaches with your loved ones, every food that you will have will not just shock your taste buds but will also provide you an opportunity to learn something new and meet new people.

International Food

Today, in the new article by My Mind Speaks, we have compiled a list of some amazing food from around the world, which will make you lick your fingers. Try this best international food list, and thank us later as it has all the amazing food from around the world. We bet you are going to love it as these are the most delicious food in the world.

Biryani, Pakistan

It is one of the oldest dishes of the Sub Continent (especially Pakistan) yet the most eaten one. It is a rice dish with lots of flavors and meat. People also add potatoes optionally. Biryani is one of the most common yet most delicious food, and you can find this super yummy food almost everywhere in Pakistan. People from all around the world, when visiting Pakistan, surely try Biryani. The combination of spices with the meat is as perfect as anything, giving a burst of flavors. There are many variations of Biryani available; you can have one that best suits your taste and preferences. The people of Pakistan consider Biryani as the most delicious food in the world.

The meat in Biryani is usually marinated before cooking the rice, which makes the meat more tasty and flavorful when you eat the rice. You can have your meat in Biryani like chicken, mutton, beef, etc. If you are a vegetarian, Biryani having Potatoes (Aloo Wali Biryani), is just perfect for you.

Hummus, Middle East

Hummus is one of the most famous foods in the Middle East. It is not a dish; it is more like a dip or spread made of chickpeas. It is one of the most versatile dips you have ever had. It is usually made with tahini, chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic blended well.

You can have it with everything and anything. Spread it on your favorite bread, use as an alternative for your mayonnaise, have your nachos or pita chips with them, top your grilled fish with it, this delicious dip will taste perfect with everything. Consider this as one of the best international foods you can try on your visit to the Middle East.

Cheese Fondue, Switzerland

This is one of the most eastern and preferred dishes in Switzerland in winter. This three-ingredients dish is considered as the most delicious food in Switzerland. The melted cheese with wine is served in a unique pot heated by a candle or portable stove. You can dip your bread with a fork to enjoy this mouthwatering Cheese.

As the winters are quite cold in Switzerland, people prefer Cheese fondue as it gives you a warm feeling when you eat it. Be it any occasion, a birthday party, or a corporate dinner, you can find the Cheese fondue on almost every dinner table. So whenever in Switzerland, do not forget to try the delicious Cheese fondue.

Tacos, Mexico

This traditional Mexican dish has our hearts. If you have ever been to North America, you have to try these tortilla chips. These are not ordinary tortilla chips. The chips are made of corn are stuffed with grilled, fried, or stewed meat. Then they add salsa over the meat, which gives it a perfect, tangy taste. The best part is in the topping. The toppings are of your choice; you can choose from onions, shredded cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, etc. This is one of the crispiest and yummiest things to have when you are in Mexico to experience the original traditional taste of Tacos.

Chili Crab, Singapore

You can never ever come back from Singapore without trying these scrumptious, tasty, full of flavor crabs. These Chili Crabs are one of the local bestsellers of Singapore. The crab is prepared in spicy tomato sauce with the perfect combination of all the flavors. You can have them with mini mantou buns.

Lasagna, Italy

Lasagna is the second most popular Italian dishes after pizza. It has layers of pasta with tasty tomato sauce, minced meat, and cheese. You can also ask for the fillings of your preference. It is one of the most eaten and delicious foods of Italy. Lasagna is now available in many countries, but the taste and juiciness you get in Italy, you cannot find it anywhere else.

Bunny Chow, South Africa

Don’t go for the name; it is not like it has bunny meat in it. It is one of the mostly eaten street food in South Africa. It has a hollowed bread loaf filled with curry. This deliciously tasty fast food from South Africa is a must to eat when you visit there. The curry is made with chickpeas, potatoes, meat, and aromatic spices. Do not forget to try this amazing food as people of South Africa consider it as the most delicious food in the world.

Chapli Kebab, Pakistan

Though these delicious roasted minced meat patties do not look as tempting as they taste, once you have one, you cannot stop yourself from munching more. The minced meat is properly marinated by adding various spices, onion, green chili, coriander, etc. Shallow fried on a medium flame, these kebabs taste heavenly with lemon squeezed over it. You do not need any local sauce along with these kebab as it is full of flavors itself.

Rendang, Indonesia

Beef simmered in coconut milk with amazing ingredients like lemongrass, garlic, ginger, turmeric, galangal, chilies, for a few hours, the meat is left to be stewed to make it completely tender. This amazing dish is a must-have when you travel to Indonesia, as it is going to be a perfect treat for your taste buds.

Pudim, Brazil

If you have a sweet tooth, you are surely going to love this Brazillian dessert. This 5-ingredients Brazillian Flan is all you need to have after a dinner meal when you crave for something sweet. It is the most popular dessert in Brazil. People in Brazil have it at least once a week; it is that common. The Pudim is made up of eggs, milk, and sweet condensed milk, topped with caramel sauce (sugar and water cooked). We are sure that you are surely going to love this amazing Brazillian dessert.

Macarons, France

The most eaten and most famous pastries of France are Macarons. These sweet meringue-based confections worth a try as they are heavenly yummy. So, we hope that this article has made you feel hungry, and now you want to pack your bags and grab the most delicious food in the world.


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