winter home decorating ideas

When the winter season is just about to start, many people begin to renovate their houses as they would be spending the holidays at home. Spending your holidays at home should not be dull and boring; you should feel the warmth and pleasure of being at home. Thus, for making your home look beautiful, you should consider some renovation ideas for homes.

You should change the decor of your home seasonally. Every season should have some specific decors at home for the holidays. As the winter is just around the corner, it’s high time for you to make your house cozy and warm. This My Mind Speaks article is for people who are planning to decorate their home and looking for some amazing and creative renovating ideas for home. We have brought some incredible winter home decorating ideas for you, which are easy and a must. 

A Decorated Fireplace Mantel

If you have a fireplace mantel at your place, do not just let it stay simple. You can highlight it and bring it to the limelight. You can place some candles above it and give it an elegant look. You can put different greetings and signs on it; you can also add a flower vase or something. This trick won’t cost you much and will make your dull fireplace mantel a little happening. Consider this as one of the easiest winter home decorating ideas.

Snowflake Chandelier

Another simple yet creative idea for decorating your place for winters is to make a snowflake chandelier. You can simply dress up your chandelier with a few snowflakes and other winter ornaments. You can make the ornaments by yourself or can easily buy them from the market. You can also add a little sparkling dust to the ornaments to give it a sparkling look when lit. Isn’t it simple yet creative?

Get a Mudroom

Since you are looking for renovation ideas for home, it is essential to have a mudroom in your home. As in the winters, people are piled up with layers of dresses and long boots to prevent them from drowning in the snow. You should have a beautiful and decent mudroom to store your and the guests’ coats and boots. You can install some coat hooks for the coats or umbrellas; place a few shelves for the shoes, and a few seats. Your mudroom is entirely ready.

Add Some Greens

As you know that it is quite difficult to find much greenery in the winter season. But it won’t hurt to add some greens inside your home. Be it artificial, or original indoor plants, you can decorate your home with different green garlands. You can wrap the staircase, the door borders, and the hallways with these garlands. This will make you feel close to nature and a bit more comfortable. The guests are also going to love this small but impactful change to your decor. Consider this tip as one of the effective winter home decorating ideas.

Add Some Texture

 Decorating a home for winters is not as difficult as it might sound. With a few basic changes, you can completely alter the look of the place. Winter is all about textures. The dresses, the coats, the jeans, the beanies, you will find some kind of texture in them. You can add this texture to the walls of your home too. Rather than going for some floral curtains, you can hang a single colored and textured curtain. You can use basic throw pillows with a nude shade couch to give a cozy and warm look to the sitting area.

Decorative Front Door

Hanging a wreath or colourful door hanging will give your dull and simple door a creative look. You can make a customized hanging floral basket or can buy a wreath from the market; both will do just perfect. For a homemade dor hanging, simply take a jute basket and add different colourful artificial flowers, and other decorative items you have at your place. If you want to make a Christmas door hanging, you can add different ornaments to it. After winters, you can replace these items with dry leaves and flowers for the spring look. This is also one of the creative winter home decorating ideas.

Sweat Pillows and Cushions

You can use these simple renovation ideas for home to give a warm look to your home this winters. These small tricks will make your home look cute, and your guests won’t stop appreciating your efforts. Winters are all about warmth, the more comfortable your home is, the more beautiful it will look in winters. You can add comfort to your sofas and couches by adding cushions and pillows with woollen covers; this will give them a warm feel and look. You can make handmade cushion covers with a worn-out old sweater, which will save you cost too. This is one of the creative winter home decorating ideas.

Fake Snowballs

This idea is one of the best renovation ideas for home; you can simply make fake snowballs with cotton or Polystyrene with adding glue into them. You can create as many as you want in different sizes and place them as a decoration piece at different places. You can fill a glass jar with these snowballs and place them above the fireplace or on the side of your bed. These small tricks will give your home a cute yet different look.

Use Glass Containers

Many people only follow some major renovation ideas for home neglecting the basic ones. But the truth is, these small, basic details add spark to your decorations. You can perform simple and quick tasks like using ornaments, adding candles, etc. But these decorations will only look perfect if placed accurately. You can use different glass containers and jars for different purposes. You can place candles, decorative leaves, tree branches, etc. in the glass container and place them in different places. You can also utilize empty glass bottles as flower vase by adding different shiny stones in it.

Add Different Scents

To give your home a cozier and warm feel, the interior is not all that matters. You must create a cozy environment. This can be achieved by adding different scents in the air. You can simply use some organic air fresheners which are easily available in the market or can buy scented candles too. You can light a candle having cinnamon sticks or cocoa beans; this will give a perfectly warm atmosphere to your home. You can place different natural flowers to give the perfect feel. This is one of the simplest tips for home decoration.

To give your home a perfectly warm and cozy feel, try these winter home decorating ideas and do let us know which one you loved.


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