tips for better sleep
tips for better sleep

We know how tiring all the struggles you do to get a night of better sleep. After an exhausting day, all you crave is some hours of rest peacefully and effectively. A sound sleep not just relieve away your tiredness but is also important for your overall health. People who have disturbed sleeping patterns are more likely to get different health issues according to proven research. Thus, if you are one of those who are looking for some incredible tips for better sleep, stop your search right away. My Mind Speaks brought you some amazing ways to get better sleep. Here they are:

Limit Your Caffeine Consumption

One of the best things to help you sleep is avoiding the intake of caffeine late at night. Caffeine stays activated in your body for around 6 to 8 hours. Thus, it keeps you awaken, especially the people who have a sensitive immune system for caffeine. People drink coffee, tea, etc., to enhance their focus, get energy, and powerful performance. Hence, when you eliminate the intake of caffeine at night from your routine, you will more likely get tips for better sleep.

Cut off Long Daytime Naps

It is quite obvious that if you have long hours of irregular sleep in the day time, you will be up late at night. Though the short naps are essential, this short nap should not turn into a long sleep of 2 to 3 hours. A 30 minute or less nap at the day time is enough to keep your brain functioning effectively. Studies have shown people who take a short nap at daytime have a better sleeping pattern at night. Thus, cutting your nap short is one of the best ways to get better sleep at night.

Exercise Daily

Intense exercise is a plus, but some light exercises are also better than no activity at all. We do not recommend exercising before going to bed, but exercising regularly will help you get better sleep. According to research, people who had insomnia (sleeping disorder) were made to do regular exercise in the day time, and 55% of them recovered from it and started to have a sound sleep at night.

But it would be best if you kept in mind that exercising before going to bed can do the opposite; it keeps your body hormones alerted, which will lead to sleeping issues.

Get a Comfortable Mattress/pillow

You might not realize, but one of the significant issues of not sleeping properly is your uncomfortable mattress or pillow. Some people get better sleep with foam mattresses or high pillows. While some feel comfortable with spring mattresses or low pillow. Also, the mattress which you have been using for years might have reached its life expectancy and causing you restless sleep. Get yourself a comfortable pillow and mattress to have a sound sleep. There are mattresses available in the market which come with an 8 to 10 years warranty you can try them as well.

Avoid Cigarette and Alcohol at Night

This is one of the important tips for better sleep. Smoking cigarette and drinking alcohol can disturb your sleeping patterns. It is observed that alcohol consumption can increase snoring, sleep apnea, and disturbed sleeping patterns. Thus, to sleep better at night, you should avoid drinking alcohol. Also, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are quite injurious for your overall wellbeing. Therefore, avoiding them is the best option not just for sleeping better but for maintaining your overall health.

Have a Better Sleeping Environment

One of the things to help you sleep is the environment. You won’t be able to sleep if there is too much noise or light in the room. If it is not possible to eliminate sound from your surrounding, you can use earplugs. Also, wearing a sleeping mask will remove all the light which can disturb your sleep.

Limit Your Screen Time Before Bed

A study has shown that many people use the screen in their bed before sleeping. It is recommended that you should avoid screens like laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc. 1 to 2 hours before sleeping. The blue light that emits from your screen is quite disruptive. If it is essential for you to use the screen, you must minimize the brightness, or you can use devices with small screens. Also, you should completely ban watching TV in bed before sleeping. Many television programs are alerting rather than relaxing. Thus, it is best if you do not use any screens before sleeping to have a sound sleep.

Avoid Late-Night Eating

People who eat late at night have to struggle while sleeping. Thus, it is recommended not to eat anything before going to bed. Consider this as one of the essential tips for better sleep. These were some of the tips which will help you to have a better sleep at night.


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