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With the advancement in technology, there is a radical growth in sources of sharing and gathering information too. In today’s article of My Mind Speaks, we will discuss some incredible importance of technology in the education system and how it is playing an impactful and positive role.

The argument that technology is affecting students negatively only is contradictory, and we can not deny the fact that technology is helping in ways that are much needed by the students. So here are some of the factors that portray the impact of technology on education.

Customized Learning

For a few years, students are more interested in personalized learning as compared to the traditional classroom learning environment. This aspect of technology is helping in the improvement o students’ efficiency and productivity. Personalized learning not only enables students to select their desired lectures, but it also helps to improve the learning capability of a student. This improvement can be achieved through video lectures, graphs, and other tools. The best thing is the portability; you can access your desired lecture anytime from anywhere. This is one of the primary importance of technology in the education system.

Effective and Efficient Assessments

The impact of technology on education is not just helpful for students but teachers too. Different learning management systems have made the student assessment process quite easy and convenient. If you are a teacher, you can utilize technology in terms of a learning management system. Whether you have to take a quiz or want your students to submit an assignment before the deadline, you can simply upload the project on your specific LMS, and the students can submit the projects there in softcopy. You can check the assignments online and declare the result instantly. This saves you from the effort of checking the piles of uncountable pages. Plus the chances of making mistakes while checking is quite low.

You can also conduct online tests on the portal by simply generating multiple choices questions tests. As the teaching point of view is concerned, this is the most effective impact of technology on education.

Enhanced Communication

The lack of communication between teachers and students is one of the significant reasons for ineffective learning. It is the great impact of technology on education that the communication between students and teachers has improved. The medium of virtual classrooms has provided the opportunity for students to ask frequent questions for clarification. It had also enabled teachers to posting assignments, projects, lectures, etc. in real-time. Also, the interaction between students has been enhanced, which helps them to keep up with each other.

Advanced and Improved Research

The impact of technology on education is increasing exponentially day by day. And the students are engaging themselves much more in new research and development. The role that the cloud is playing in data storage is quite essential in terms of education. The web-based research has been more advanced and effective. Back in the days, the research was quite difficult because you had to dive into the ocean of books to seek facts and references, thanks to the technology you can get information and references within a single click. This is why students are engaging themselves in various pieces of research.

This has increased the time to collect information and to learn different ideas. The functionality of comparing research results by students all over the world has made the acquisition of correct results quite easy and convenient. This has increased the accuracy of the performed research on any specific subject in any field. Thus, acquiring technical assistance while conducting research is quite beneficial for students.

Organized Students Records

Though the method of storing student records on the computer has been implemented for quite a long time, the newest technology has come up with advanced features to maintain the students’ records. These technologies play a vital role to maintain the data in the educational sector. The implementation of the latest technology for the record-keeping has eliminated the chances of typing errors, human errors, invalid marks, etc.

Also, these technologies have made the authentication of degrees quite easy. The scams of fake degrees have been minimized because of this technology. Thus, this shows the importance of technology in the education system.

Better Exam Management

The technology utilization not only improves the way of education but also offers great assistance to institutions and their management. Educational institutes do not need to follow the traditional way of exam conduction anymore. The effort of exam evaluation that teachers bear can be minimized by implementing online exam management systems.

Now, teachers do not have to evaluate answer sheets of every single student, as the checking and correction are automated. This approach is quite effective, especially for multiple-choice questions and reasonings. This exam management system portrays the major impact of technology on education.

Opportunities foc

Nowadays, advanced technology engages students in research-based and project-based learning. Platforms like Google Classroom helps students to work individually or in a group on the project. And it enables students and teachers to chime in and give the response in real-time. Students can do edits and updations in real-time via Google Docs and Spreadsheets and can create the presentations simultaneously.

This project-based learning allows students to develop critical learning skills. The vast amount of resources for research and learning are accessible to students due to this technology. This is one significant importance of technology in education system. Technology also allows students to opt for the most convenient way to submit their work.

Various Tools and Opportunities for Teachers

The impact of technology on education system is not just limited to students. The implementation of technology is quite beneficial for teachers too. Just like the students, teachers also love to utilize technology as it provides various tools for better classroom learning. There are many sites and materials on the internet, which teachers can consider to enhance the learning process. The teacher can find different apps and tools which improve the students’ interactions and help them to open up.

Email an entire class with just a single click is way better than sticking it on the notice board or informing each student individually. Teachers can also learn about the evolution in the education field and discover different teaching techniques.

These were some of the aspects which describe the impact of technology on education. With the appropriate usage of technology, our students can achieve great success in their respective fields.

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