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Most of the Muslim women, especially in Pakistan, wear hijabs and abayas. Gone were the days when the veil was lifeless and dull. Different abaya brands in Pakistan have changed the whole paradigm of hijabs and abayas. The essence of abayas and hijabs are to dress modestly and to cover yourself fully.

Nowadays, abayas are quite trending in the fashion industry. With the evolution in the fashion and garment industries, the abaya industry is also evolving. Many abaya brands in Pakistan have modified the attire, ultimately making it a sample of high fashioned styles. In this blog post of My Mind Speaks, you will learn more about the abaya brands in Pakistan and how this apparel is evolving. 

These abaya trends encourage women to tell the world that Muslim women are no less than any women in the world. Even the non-Muslims are adopting the trends of hijab and abayas as a fashion and style statement. 

The Evolution of Hijabs and Abayas

Hijab is an Arabic word; its literal meaning is ‘curtain.’ Muslim women use hijab and abayas to cover themselves up. It reflects the modesty, privacy, and morality of women. Back in the old days, Muslim women used a large piece of cloth as their hijab. As the world modernized, the hijab was also modified. Many abaya brans in Pakistan still sell those hijabs and abayas which were used back then. Most of the women still prefer those kinds of veils which the women used to cover themselves in the old days.

Many young women who use hijab or abaya pull off different creative styles according to their personality. These days, trending abayas are favorite of every hijabi girl. They innovate their hijab or abaya style according to their choice and pull it off flawlessly. 

The Modern Hijab

The modernization of hijab is just incredible. And many abaya brands in Pakistan have played an essential role in this evolution. Muslim women are influencing the fashion world while staying true to their identity. These women in hijabs and abayas prove that modesty and morality can coexist with self-expression and individuality. Despite being banned in many regions of the world, the hijab has now become more than just a symbol of modesty. It is now an identity, a source of recognition for Muslim women.  

Here are some of the abaya trends that you must know to pull off your veil incredibly. 

Abayas with Belt

Many abaya brands in Pakistan have introduced belted abayas which we think is a remarkable invention. These abayas are quite common in Turkey. Turkish young girls wear these kinds of Abayas while traveling, or going to their school or workplace. You can wear these belted abayas along with a suitable hijab to give a perfect stylish yet modest look. These abayas are available in different fabric, especially jeans and hand-knitted. You can make the front opened too, depends on your preference. These abayas make you feel comfortable, and you can move easily in them. Most of the abaya brands in Pakistan sell these abayas with the belt. 

Fringes and Feathers

Fringes and feathers are not just trending in dresses but are also getting famous in abayas. Different abaya brands in Pakistan have modified the abaya look with fringe sleeves. This is a fantastic innovation. Women who love to express major fashion statement along with the modest attire can go for this trend. It will give your personality a classy yet decent look. Young girls these days mostly go for feather and fringes in their hijabs and abayas. 

All-neutral Shade

Most women are also concerned about the color and shades of their abayas and hijabs. These days completely nude shades are quite in fashion. Be it beige or grey. A single shaded abaya makes you look splendid. Most abaya brands in Pakistan offers single shaded and multiple shaded abayas. It totally depends on you which shade or color you want to go for.

The shade that will suit you best should be according to your body type and skin tone. The neutral shaded abaya will enhance your personality with a subtle and decent look just according to your will. 

Embellished Abayas

Embellished abayas are nothing new, but this trend with pearls are grabbing the attention of all the abaya brands in Pakistan. When all the other brands are putting pearls on their shoes, bags, etc. as a style statement, why not hijabs and abayas? 

These pearl-studded abayas are in huge demand these days. The reason why we all love pearls is that they give a classy and formal look to your simple or dull attire. It provides a classic and elegant vibe. You can design your pearl-embellished abaya in whatever way you want. You can go for scattered pearls design or can create any image or shape out of pearls. 

If you want to experiment bold yet modest styling, try these abaya trends which my mind speaks have brought for you. These abaya trends are gaining too much popularity in fashion. If you love simplicity and modesty when it comes to dressing, you can choose these abaya trends which will make you look modest yet stylish. You can get these hijabs and abayas directly from different abaya brands in Pakistan. If you like these trends do let us know and share with us which of the abaya trend is your favorite?


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