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College time is the time when you grow as an individual. For many college students, it’s time for them to explore themselves as they are on their own. Juggling their lives between studies, assignments, making new friends. College students neglect their health and fitness. Looking after their health or staying healthy is nowhere in the to-do list. But the truth is, if one wants to enjoy their college life to the fullest, then looking after their health should be their priority.

Many pieces of research have shown that students with good health and fitness habits feel better and therefore perform better. Inadequate nutritional health does not only affect college students’ mind but also has an impact on their studies and career. The students might be aware of their health and fitness, but they pay less attention to it.

They assume that the freedom of coming to college is also the freedom to whatever they eat. Many things and habits affect the health and fitness of a college student, such as a hectic schedule, less physical training, study stress, disturbed sleeping patterns and consuming alcohol or drugs. Due to these factors, students might get unhealthy and can suffer from different issues like depression, weakness, hormonal problems, etc.

Here are some amazing health and fitness tips that My Mind Speaks have brought that students should follow for sustainable health.

College students Must Follow Below Given Tips for Health and Fitness

1. Eat healthy breakfast

Most of the college students skip breakfast as they are running late and have to catch their class. But the actual thing is, for a healthy mind, breakfast is essential. Eating breakfast can be very beneficial for our health. It provides fuel to your body and brain after the whole night’s fast. Having no breakfast is like trying to start a car with no fuel.

Eating breakfast is important especially for students as they have to take the morning classes, if you walk in the classroom with an empty stomach, you can not fully concentrate on your lecture or assignment. To keep your brain working with full efficiency, it is important to first make your stomach full. An empty stomach can also cause nausea, dizziness, faintness and other health issues. Consuming breakfast in the morning also lessens hunger and cravings throughout the day. So if you have eaten breakfast, you won’t eat much for lunch or dinner which will keep your body fit and you won’t gain weight because of overeating.

2. Drink plenty of water

College students stay in the run throughout the day thus they need to stay hydrated. Drinking water is one of the best health and fitness tip. A person, especially a student, should consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. As the brain of a human being is made up of 73% of water, thus, it is necessary to drink water to increase brain power. One of the disadvantages of dehydration is that it affects your memory. Drinking water can increase your memory and it will be easy for you to memorize your lesson.

Drinking water flushes out body waste in the form of sweat and urination. Hence, water consumption naturally detoxifies your body. Dehydration can also lead you to headaches, and as a college student, getting a headache is no less than missing out on your lecture because even if you are present in your class, your headache will not let you concentrate on the lecture.

drnking-water for health and fitness

3. Never skip meals

College students usually skip meals as they are getting late for the class or library. But this approach is not suitable. Being a college student might make you the busiest person, but you should always take some time out to eat a healthy meal. If you’ll skip a meal there are possibilities that you’ll overeat when you will eat next. Which is not beneficial for your health. You will probably eat more and consume more calories than usual. One of the most common side effects of skipping the meal is that you’ll lose your focus. Most college students make themselves starve as they think they’ll eat once after getting free. But skipping meals won’t calm your hunger and you will feel distracted because of it throughout the lecture. If you are sightly full before your class, you can concentrate more properly on your studies.

eating meals for health and fitness

4. Exercise regularly

We all know that the lives of college students are busy and tough they barely get spare time. But it is essential for a student’s brain and body to exercise regularly. When you exercise daily, it keeps your brain active and working. You feel better and relaxed after a session of cardio or yoga. When you exercise, your brain gets relaxed and calm. Amidst a busy routine, taking a few hours and exercise can help you stay healthy as well as keep you refreshed and active. exercising can also help college students to sleep better. When you have performed physical activity you get tired and it signals your brain to sleep fast. Thus those who face sleeping issues should exercise daily.

daily exercise for health and fintess

5. Stay away from Screens

College students are the youth that is stuck to their phones, laptops, iPods, etc. Even though they might be working on assignments, but using gadgets all the time can affect health. Using gadgets all the time can cause severe issues like obesity, wrist and neck pain, etc.

These devices indeed provide many advantages to students like providing information, easy learning, improved research, better communication, etc. But these gadgets can also be a great distraction for students from their studies. If you will spend more time in front of the screens, you will not feel like studying and this will affect your grades. Using laptops and phones until late at night can make you feel sleepy the next day. So leave all your screens at least 45 minutes before going to bed.

Hence, if the college students follow these tips provide by My Mind Speaks, they will stay healthy and fit. Because it is really important to stay fir for a bright career and future.

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