Hairstyle Trends

It’s a saying that nothing is permanent but change, and what change can be better than a new gorgeous hairstyle? Just a little bit of playing with curls, long, shorts, bobs, etc. can give your appearance a drastic change. It might get challenging to keep up with all the hairstyle trends, so My Mind Speaks has compiled a list of some fantastic hairstyle trends that will give you a ten-on-ten look.

Opting for the gorgeous hairstyle for an event can be too tricky at times. No matter you have long, short, or whichever hair type, there are hundreds of hairstyle trends from which you have to choose the best one. If you are not good at doing your hair by yourself, you can always ask for help from your friend or siblings or can go to the stylist for that. But these fantastic hairstyle trends which My Mind Speaks has brought for you will not just save your money but will also save your time. Plus they are so easy you can do it on your own. Try these super easy gorgeous hairstyles and give your hair a simple yet exciting change.

We have categorized these hairstyle trends according to the hair length. So if you have long thick locks or pixie bobs, these hairstyle trends are for all.

Hairstyle Trends for Short Hair

Wavy Bobs

The bob is one of the most suited hairstyle trends of all time. This gorgeous hairstyle is the perfect combination of pretty yet confidence. Women who are sporty or have a strong affection for edginess should go for the bobs. You can add some loose waves to this hairstyle to make it look heavenly. Simply get the cut and apply some hair mousse or heat resistant gel. Now blow dry your wet hair with twisting your strands a little bit with your fingers. This will give you just the perfect wavy bobs that can beat any gorgeous hairstyle.


Bangs are always banged on with the short hair. If you are one of those people who like a simple yet gorgeous hairstyle, then this is the perfect pick for you. You can straighten, curl, or give a wavy effect to this combination of short hair and bangs. You can try the middle part, side part, or can make a fancy low bun. Every style suit with this hair cut perfectly. If you find your face looks fuller with short hair, bangs are on the rescue for that. Try bangs with short hair; this will give your face a smarter look while enhancing your features even more.

Hairstyle Trends for Medium Length Hair

Half High Pony

This look is one of the newest hairstyle trends. If you feel lazy or running late, but you want to give your hair a stylish look try this gorgeous hairstyle with a crop T and a pair of jeans. We bet everyone is going to drool over you. Just comb your hair half part it from the front and tie it in a pony. This will give the effect of a long ponytail. Women who love to have long hair but afraid of managing it can try this gorgeous hairstyle to give your hair an effect as if they are long. This is one of the hairstyle trends that can be pulled off easily.

Long Layers with Side-swept Bangs

Long layers will never go out of fashion. Layers were, are, and always will the perfect hair cut. This is one of the hairstyle trends that suit almost everybody. If you have medium length straight hair, and you want to give it an elegant change, then no other hairstyle is perfect than side-swept long layers. Most actresses and models prefer this hairstyle because it enhances your features and gives you a soft, elegant look that portrays the class of your personality.

Hairstyle Trends for Long Hair

French Braid

French braids are in fashion since 1800 and are still considered as one of the best hairstyle trends. If you have long hair and find them unmanageable then making a pair of middle-parted French braids will suit you the best. If you are planning for a hangout, then these braids are perfect because it keeps your hair in place. You do not have to deal with the awkward blowout because of the wind. These braids work as saviors.

Just middle part your hair, take three chunks and start interconnecting them to form loops. Also, keep adding the hair as you increase the loops. This will create a perfect French braid.

Long Waves

If you love to follow different hairstyle trends and have long, beautiful hair, choosing long waves for all time is beyond perfection. Long loose waves are one of the widely adopted hairstyle trends. It gives your hair a sufficient amount of voluminous look. If you have long but thin hair then doing long waves in your hair will give your personality the elegance that you want. Long loose waves are perfect hairstyle trends to tame the frizziness and beat the humidity.

Hairstyle Trends That Suit all Lengthy:

Messy Bun

A messy bun works for all. Whether you have long, short, or medium hair, you can always pull a messy bun as it is a gorgeous hairstyle. It is one of the easiest and widely adopted hairstyle trends. Just tie your hair into a bun and let a few of the locks loosen from both sides of the face. Your perfect hairstyle for the errand run is done.


Be it long shiny locks or small pixie cut; curls are the pioneers. You simply use a curling rod to get this perfect stylish hairstyle or can also use hair rollers to achieve the gorgeous hairstyle. These were some of the most stylish hairstyle trends which we at My Mind Speaks enlisted for you. Let us know which your favorite hairstyle trends are.


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