Pakistani Food Culture

Pakistani cuisine is as diverse as its culture, full of spices, colors, and variations. Not just the look and aroma is perfect, but the taste is also heavenly. Many foreigners, who visit Pakistan, search for Pakistani food recipes even after going back.

Pakistani food culture has a diverse range depending on the geographical areas. People from different regions of Pakistan have different taste, spices, and recipes according to their traditions. Many people try new Pakistani food recipes too. Here are some of the amazing dishes from the Pakistani food culture, as per the cities, that make this country famous and loved by everyone.


The city of Lahore is renowned for hospitality and delicious food variety. You can consider this city as the biggest food hub in Pakistan. You can find the best desi Pakistani food recipes which you won’t find anywhere else. These are some of the foods which you must-try during your stay in 2.Lahore:

Murgh Channa

Murgh channa is a chickpea and chicken gravy which is heavenly delicious. You can consider it a full protein treat for your body. People of Lahore love to have this yummy yet simple dish.

Murgh Cholay – Chicken and Chickpeas Curry, Pakistan popular curry dish


We do not know under which rock you are living if you have ever visited Pakistan and didn’t have the Lassi. This is the best dairy beverage one could ever ask for. In Lahore, during the summer season, there is no such family gathering that doesn’t have Lassi as a beverage. It is a milkshake made by adding milk, yoghurt, salt, and sugar. You can get the recipe quickly if you search for the Pakistani food recipes.


If you didn’t eat Paye, you ate nothing in Lahore. Lahore is the most famous for its mouthwatering Payes. It is gravy made with the trotters of cow, goat, sheep, etc. They are often served with lemon and ginger chunks. It tastes so good that you can’t resist from asking more of it.

Gol Gappay

Gol Gappay is best when eaten fresh. They are equally famous in Karachi and Lahore. Being the most eaten street food, Gol Gappay or Pani Puri is quite reasonable and easily available everywhere in the city. It is a wheat ball fried and added chickpea, onions, and chutneys in it. Then you can dip it in the spicy water and quickly put it in the mouth carefully without breaking it. Gol Gappay is the most fun to eat street food in Lahore.


Karachi is one of the top cities in Pakistan; people from different castes live here. People of Karachi have an immense love for the diverse Pakistani food culture; they try different Pakistani food recipes to treat their taste buds. Here are some fantastic dishes that Karachites love to eat.


Haleem is a cooked mixture with a thick consistency, of all the lentils, meat, and spices. Haleem is quite simple and easy to eat. The texture and aroma of haleem make people binging on it. It is one of the most popular Pakistani food cultures. People love to eat with lemon, ginger chunks, caramelized onions, and coriander garnishing.


Karachi is the most famous city for biryani, in Karachi people, love to it eat biryani any day and every day. It is spicy rice combined with mutton, beef, or chicken while adding the spices. You can easily find the recipe of biryani if you search Pakistani food recipes. No event in Karachi is complete without biryani.


When it comes to street foods, people of Karachi can’t get enough of these mouthwatering bun kebabs. Bunkebabs are local burger type dish in Pakistani food culture. The prices are also quite reasonable. The bun is filled with chicken, beef or mutton kebab with egg and some spicy chutney.


Nihari is also another dish that is made quite frequently in Karachi. It’s famous for its consistency and a perfect blend of all the spices. The dish has been the part of Pakistani food culture since the 18th century. It was quite famous within the Mughals; it is still as popular as it was back in the old days.


The Pathans of Peshawar are very famous for making some of the pioneer dishes of Pakistani food culture. The area of Peshawar is quite cold, and people mostly prefer eating meat to keep them warm. Here are some amazing dishes you can eat in Peshawar. And we bet you might end up searching for Pakistani food recipes for these dishes.


Karahi is the supreme dish of almost every house in Pakistan, but the most delicious ones are made I Peshawar. Whether it is mutton, beef, or chicken, Karahi is just the perfect staple in Peshawar. And trust us, it tastes heavenly.  It is a must-try whenever you visit Peshawar.

Chapli Kebabs

The Chapli kebabs are another staple of Peshawar. These are patties made up of minced meat and spices, then deep-fried and a tomato slice is added up at the top. These kebabs are so delicious and mouthwatering that you cannot resist from asking more. Pathans are the best cook all over Pakistan, whether it’s some street Parathas or Chapli Kebabs, Pathans know how to rule the culinary.

Kabuli Pulao

The capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, is a few hundred miles away from Peshawar. Thus this Kabuli Pulao was originated from Afghanistan. It is spiced rice made in a steel vessel, with spices and different dried fruits. The aroma is just irresistible.


The taste of the people of Quetta is slightly different from the traditional taste of Pakistani food recipes. The dishes are different from the typical dishes in other regions of Pakistan.

Khaddi kebabs

Khaddi kebabs are made under the ground in a hole. The marinated lamb or goat is placed under the ground with a sheet of coals over it. And it is left for almost 12 hours or more. If you are planning to eat this delicious dish, you have to order it a day before.


Dumpukht is basically a cooking technique used by the people of Quetta. In a pot, the meats and vegetables are added, and the pot is sealed with clay. Now the meat is cooked on a low flame. The meat in the Dumpukht is mild, delicious and well tender. It is one of the ancient dishes in the history of Pakistani food culture.


This rotisserie chicken is the best thing you can have in Quetta. It is a bit mild and dry, but it is perfectly delicious. No family gathering is complete without having these delicious Sajji. People also eat boiled or crispy rice along with this Sajji as a sideline.

These were some of the amazing picks from Pakistani food culture which are delicious and amazing.


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