If you find your organization getting off track while managing schedules and dealing with employees.  Whether you are running multiple businesses or own a single small company. There are numerous tasks that have to be done daily simultaneously. This is why it is important to utilize business management tools to stay up to the mark in terms of tasks.

In its new blog article, My Mind Speaks will enlighten you about some tools that will improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Nowadays, many companies are investing in business management tools to complete their tasks, organize their meetings, schedule their meetings, assigning different assignments and much more. However, it will not be wrong to say that these tools are playing an important role in managing different tasks of an organization. But what business software actually is?

What is business management software?

A business management software is a program or application that support, automate and enhance your business processes. These applications perform different tasks like virus removal, activities reporting, assigning tasks, etc. A management tool or software meets all the requirements essential for the business process. These applications help to improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization.

Here are some amazing and efficient tools that will not just improve efficiency but will also help you to build amazing business processes.

1. Google Docs

GoogleDocs is a free online tool for managing and creating documents. You can even share those documents publicly, as well as send them to a specific person privately. You can utilize this software to share documents among your employees and clients. This tool prevents you from the hassle of emailing and transferring files and documents. All you need to do is create a document, and share it with anyone you want. Now you do not have to carry a flash drive with you for all your official meetings and presentations.

What GoogleDocs does?

GoogleDocs offers you to create spreadsheets easily and effectively. You can share those sheets too with anyone. Additionally, GoogleDocs also provide cloud space, you can create your document, save it in your account, and access it from anywhere, anytime. You just have to sign in to the same google account on which you created that document.

Thus, GoogleDocs has made many tasks easy and simple. It saves you from different documents-related hassles. Which eventually leads your organization for better productivity and efficiency.

 2. Trello

Trello is a powerful business management tool that consists of all the features you might want to look after your organization. It offers a platform for top-level officials to create projects under the name of the board. These projects and tasks can be assigned to a specific employee who has joined your organization. You can create multiple tasks and projects and assign them to your employees independently.

What does Trello do?

You can streamline your projects, tasks, documents, share feedback through Trello. It provides effective task management so that your teammates who are working on the same task can coordinate easily. You can also view and manage daily progress through Trello.

3. Studio Cloud

It won’t be wrong to consider Studio Cloud as one of the reliable business management software. Studio Cloud is all in one solution for all your organizational needs. It has all the features that you need to manage your business from anywhere, anytime. It helps to manage all relevant data of vendors, customers, partners individually.

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What does Studio Cloud do?

You can perform many tasks through Studio Cloud. Studio Cloud provides a platform for managing your suppliers, customers, and vendors. It helps you generate and send invoices. It also has an amazing feature through which you can send and schedule customized and automated emails and texts. Thus, installing Studio Cloud in your office environment will make all your tasks effortless and improve efficiency.

4. Skype for Business

This development of Microsoft is one of the best methods of peer to peer communication. Skype for business is cloud-based software to fulfill the requirements of the organizations across the globe. You can utilize Skype for business to make different VoIP calls and texts. This platform integrates the medium of business communication which helps you to comprehend easily. 

skype for business

What does Skype for business do?

Skype for business provides channels for online meetings and communications. It offers Instant messaging, voice over IP, web conferencing, video conferencing, file transferring and much more. It also has a built-in voicemail feature so you can respond to your missed calls as quickly as possible. It offers different types of plans according to the size of your organization. The best thing is you do not have to worry about the privacy of your calls as no third party VPN is involved. Thus, all your calls are encrypted and confidential. The enterprise support of Skype for business is quite efficient.

5. TimeCamp

Timecamp keeps your team on time and on schedule. Timecamp is a tool that offers you to track time spent on tasks and projects. You can easily analyze the lagging and high-performing employees from the report generated by Timecamp according to the efficiency and amount of work done by the employee. You are now saved from manually analyzing the productivity of your employees. Timecamp will do it for you.


What does Timecamp do?

Timecamp lets you track the activities and tasks of your employees, manage employee attendance, analyze productivity, etc. Installing Timecamp will save your time as well as will provide you with detailed insight into your employees’ performances. 

Hopefully, these business management tools will help your business in terms of productivity and efficiency. If you haven’t implemented any of these tools, its high time you should go for it to flourish your organization. And if you are already using one, My Mind Speaks would love to know which tools and software are you using to improve the efficiency of your business.


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