Most Essential Kitchen Appliances

If you have ever tried to restock your kitchen or to set up a new kitchen in your new house, you must have the idea that purchasing the kitchen tools is not a cakewalk. You might miss out on many things while listing up the kitchen essentials, especially the appliances.

Appliances are made to make our lives comfortable, and where else than the kitchen you need them the most? Whether small or large, useful kitchen appliances save our time and effort in our daily chores. These appliances bring various conveniences to our kitchen.

To make your kitchen a comfortable and enjoyable place, you should have some essential tools. To make it convenient for you, My Mind Speaks has enlisted some most essential kitchen appliances which every kitchen should have.


There is no rocket science in it; a fridge is a basic necessity of every kitchen. Refrigerators form the cornerstone of your kitchen; this is why My Mind Speaks has enlisted as the top item of our list of most essential kitchen appliances. There is no other ultimate storage as a fridge.

A refrigerator helps you to store raw food material and saves the food from rotting. Having a refrigerator as for one of the most essential kitchen appliances let you buy food in bulk amount and save it for later. It keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh. The freezer compartment helps you to make ice-cream, store water to make ice, store meat, etc.

Food Processor

Food processors are one of the versatile and useful kitchen appliances. They are time savvy and make your tasks like vegetable slicing, meat mincing, whipping of cream, etc. a lot easier.

Typical food processors have multiple discs and portions to make your job easier.  A food processor can be your best friend when it comes to cutting a lot of vegetables.  It comes with various blade attachments according to your cutting needs.


Many people ignore this really vital appliance. People consider it a wastage of money, but in actual, it is one of the most essential kitchen appliances. Working in the kitchen is a lot of hard work. Owning a dishwasher will reduce some of this hard work.

It has a rack to store your dishes, in the inside, it has sprayer at the bottom and the top. It also contains a detergent dispenser for flawless cleaning. The heating element makes your dishes dry. With such an amazing and useful appliance, you can simply enjoy your meal without stressing out about the cleaning. Controlling all your dishwashing just at a single push button, isn’t it amazing?

Microwave Oven

No other appliance is loved as much as a Microwave oven. Many people consider it as the entire kitchen experience. Microwave ovens help you to heat food in less time as compared to a typical stove.

It has become one of the most useful kitchen appliances of all time. There are many types of Microwave available in the market. You can choose the one that suits you the best. This durable appliance is a savior when you are in a hurry and need to warm the food.


Toasters have become the primary requirement of almost every kitchen. They help you to crisp the bread instantly. They come with two or four slots for the bread slices. They have an adjustable temperature knob, which helps you to set the temperature according to your requirements.

This appliance heats your bread slices and pops them out when they are done. Toasters have made breakfast-making quite easier and quicker. There are toasters that come with toast oven, which helps in heating food and melting different items.

Electric Grills

These smoke-free grills have become one of the most essential kitchen appliances. They are quite handy and easy to clean. If you are a health-conscious person and avoid fried food, then this is the best alternative for you to enjoy fried food. The food tastes great when it is cooked on an electric grill.

You can grill a variety of items on this electric grill like chicken, steak, vegetables, etc. Most people prefer grilled food as compared to pan-fried food. There are different types of grill available in the market. You can buy the one which you find the most suitable.


Blenders are one of the most essential kitchen appliances for those who need to make juices, sauces, smoothies, etc.  Many people confuse it with the food processor, but it is a way different appliance. A blender/juicer is used to blend two ingredients smoothly. Whereas a food processor cut/crush the two ingredients.

You can buy a blender with a power motor for rapid and smooth blending. You should buy a blender that has a large jug so that you can easily blend a large number of ingredients.

Electric Kettle

It is one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen. It serves you hot water, helps you to make hot chocolates, tea, green tea, etc. You do not have to make an extra effort for boiling water to make your first cup of the day. You can enjoy your bed tea with this amazing appliance.

The electric kettle uses less energy and boils the water quickly as compared to the conventional stove. It saves your time and effort, who won’t love such a piece of machinery? You just have to pour water and adjust the temperature, Tada! Your beverage is ready.

Rice Cooker

These rice cookers are taking over the market very rapidly because of its consistent result. It is becoming one of the most useful kitchen appliances. These cookers help you to make rice quickly, just with the push of a button.

As rice has become one of the essential food components in our daily lives, having a rice cooker has also become a necessity of the kitchen.  You can easily get the exact amount of rice that you want by simply setting the correct measurement.

These were some of the most essential kitchen appliances which My Mind Speaks brought for you; we hope you find it helpful.


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