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Workplace fires and fire outbursts have remained a consistent threat to every business owner, their property, and the safety as well as the wellbeing of their workforce. According to the 2013 report issued by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), the US fire department answered nearly 3,340 fire emergencies occurring at workstations. These calamities caused an average of four fatalities, over $112 million in damages to property, and around 44 civilian injuries. In 2017 alone the US Fire Administration reported around 3,400 deaths caused by fires. It is pretty clear that fire outbreaks at offices can be quite tenacious to deal with and result in a tremendous loss of life and damages to property as well. In this post, we would like to offer you some justifications as to why every business owner must mandate to provide their workers with adequate firefighting equipment and custom flame-resistant wear. So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

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Protecting Your Workforce & Valuable Possessions

First and foremost the most obvious reason is that it gives your workforce and employees a fighting chance to mitigate the risk of damages caused by fire outbursts. These few seconds can make all the difference where your workers can take preemptive action to prevent the fire from spreading and thus removing the probability for the situation to worsen or escalate to the point where it goes out of control. While it is strongly recommended that employees save themselves as their first priority and evacuate the building through designated fire escape routes, nevertheless these firefighting equipment do come handy to deal with minor risks that are less threatening towards human lives but can still cause immense damage to property if left unmonitored.

It Creates Goodwill among st Your Team

Although in the US every business with a reasonable probability to face the risk of fire at the workplace is mandated to install fire prevention systems, nevertheless your actions to do so are still positively regarded by your workforce. This shows that you care for their wellbeing and that you are cautious about the damages it can cause for both your employees and the company as a whole. Hence your appropriate actions to diminish and soften the impact such hazards exert at the workplace can help you to create goodwill regarding your management and leadership within employees as they feel cared for and considered valued amongst their peers.

Help Your Abide By Government Regulations

The guidelines provided by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NFPA concerning fire safety and prevention at workplaces are considered as an obligation for every company and organization to follow. According to OSHA standards, workplace fire safety requirements include safety exits, fire extinguishers, emergency escape routes, and a resolute emergency plan. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the business owner and their management teams to provide workers with suitable training to prevent workplace injuries related to fires and prevent mortalities at all costs. Your workers should also be provided with ample training to use fire extinguishers and other equipment properly. As far as fire escape routes go, according to regulations, the exit doors must not be locked from the inside when employees are working, they should be free from all forms of obstructions, and at the least 2 doors or other means made available to escape from fire emergencies. If you follow these regulations to the core the chances of receiving any form of penalty are greatly diminished.

Improve Your Overall Risk Assessment

There is no doubt that many of our working environments often make workers come into contact with the possibility of fire outbursts and outbreaks. Once you are able to offer your employees with reasonable equipment to combat such hazards at the workplace, it can assist in lowering the overall risk involved for employees at your workplace. This naturally allows you to add more value to your offices and minimize the impact which uncontrolled fires can have on your business. This preparation in advance and how you construct your fire prevention strategy allows everyone at your workplace to work in a much safer environment.

Improved Ability to Respond to Emergencies

As your team grows in strength and your business moves towards expansion you need to realize how important workplace safety regulations are in order to keep under strict control and monitoring. With firefighting equipment and fire prevention strategies becoming an integral part of your management, it offers your team additional advantages. These include the ability to respond during times of emergencies at the office. Regardless of whatever may be the cause, with proper training of employees you equip them with a sense of urgency and taking corrective actions to safeguard themselves and valuable workplace materials. This puts all of them on the same page and enables your employees to act swiftly without any delays. With proper directions and learning they can become quite efficient in responding to threats that can arise out of the blue. Their high level of preparedness makes them more competent to deal with workplace hazards as they are able to take the right steps on their own to mitigate potential threats on their own.     We hope this post was able to offer you a better understanding as to why offers firefighting equipment and adequate training to your employees can be beneficial for your organizations. For more questions regarding the topic, please feel free to let us know your queries in the comment section below.


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