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Having curly hair means it is a lifelong struggle to manage the strands and look for perfect tools and products according to your hair. Curls are always unpredictable and difficult to tame. You might face days when you are unable to gather them accurately even when loads of hairpins and clips. But your fight with your curls can convert to the love with your curls if you correctly follow curly hair tips and tricks. Managing curls can become a lot more comfortable, with a proper hair care routine. If you treat your hair the right way, we promise that your curls will behave and become healthy and manageable. Here are some amazing hair care tips for curly hair which will make every day a good hair day for you.

Get the Perfect Shampoo

Getting the ideal shampoo according to your hair is one of the essential hair care tips and tricks for curly hair. Do not go for harsh shampoos no matter how expensive and attractive they might be, but always go for mild ones. Mild shampoos and low-leather hair conditioners are like best friends for your curls. Rinsing curly hair with harsh shampoo will only cause more damage and frizz to your hair. If you want to go a step further, you can dilute your shampoo and conditioner with water to prevent any damage. Consider shampoos which come with frizz-free ingredients.

Comb Your Hair Bottom Up

Always start combing your hair from the tips. Consider this as one of the tried and tested hair care tips for curly hair. When you detangle hair starting from the bottom, it let you detangle each knot without breaking your hair. All the hair experts advise combing the tips first then gradually comb the upper part and end at the roots.

And the best comb to detangle curly hair is a wide-tooth comb. Using a sharp hairbrush will break and damage your hair and will leave it more frizzy. To get a gentle hairstyle, always use a wide-tooth comb.

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Add Conditioning Treatments to Your Hair Care Routines

You might add up conditioning treatment while applying different hair care tips for curly hair. This does not mean to splurge hundreds of dollars in taming your hair. You can simply use a gentle conditioning cream or any natural oil to give the conditioning and moisturizing treatment to your hair.

This will give your hair bounce and a gentle look. Many people use conditioning treatment as one of the essential curly hair tips and tricks. You can use your fingertips to apply the cream or oil. Just dab a generous amount on your hair and gently rub the cream and oil starting from the tips to the roots. If your hair goes dry or frizzy from the tips when you go out, leave-in conditioners and serums are the best things to add to your hair care routine. To get a shinier and smoother look, apply the leave-in conditioner in wet hair and enjoy the soft, shiny locks.

Do Not Use a Towel for Drying Your Hair

Instead of using a towel, use a cotton T-shirt to dry your hair. You can use old worn-out shirts or can buy some cheap T-shirts from the store. Using a towel might produce more frizzes when the hair is dry. When the thick fibres of the towel are rubbed against the hair, they produce more damage than good. You can get more frizzes by using towels. If you do not want to use a cotton t-shirt tries some other cloth which has ultra-absorbent material.

Pineapple it at Night!

“Pineapple” your hair means to tie your hair loosely at the highest point of the head at night. This technique saves your hair from tangling. This also helps in maintaining the natural volume of your hair and protect your curl pattern.

You can use a scrunchie for pineappling at night to keep your hair looking stable and detangled. Using a ponytail might use ceasing, it is best to use a scrunchie. You can also use a silk pillow to help protect your pineapple and to get the perfect hair when you wake up. This is one of the rarest hair care tips for curly hair.

Refresh Your Curls

You can use a curling iron to refresh your curls for a special event. This is one of the useful curly hair tips and tricks. Many people think that it would be silly to curl the already curled hair, but if you have a special event to attend, and your hair is not behaving well, you can use curling rods to give a finishing look to your curly strands. Choose the curling rod having the same diameter as your curls, or if you find your curls a bit tighter, you can go one size up.

Nothing is better than a curling rod to fine-tune your curls. Observe where your curls need reshaping, and use the curling rod to give the perfect bouncy look to your curly hair. If the tips are a bit straight or uneven, you do not have to roll up the entire strand just take that particular hair chunk and roll it up.

Use a Diffuser

If you are not using the attachments that come along with your hair dryer, you are missing out on a major thing. Hair diffusers work wonders as compared to a normal hairdryer, which disperses your curls and makes them look more frizzy. The diffuser helps you to even out your curl pattern too.

Before starting to use the diffuser, squeeze out all the excess water from your hair. Apply a good heat or thermal hair protector serum before using the diffuser. Plop your hair and cup the diffuser around your hair. Repeat this until you get the perfect definition of curls. Emphasize on the parts of hair which need more detailing like the tips of your hair. This is one of the most effective curly hair tips and tricks.

These were some of the amazing hair care tips for curly hair. Implementing these hair care tips for curly hair in your daily routine will keep your hair frizz-free and healthy.


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