No matter how much you adore chinos, dress pants, or any other pants, but you all have to agree that jeans are the go-go for the times and situations. Denim is a no-brainer when it comes to any casual or even semi-formal events you have to go. Be it a dine-out, a party, or even a corporate dinner, a pair of jeans is all you need. You can never go wrong with denim, but what about the shoes? You didn’t think about it, right?

But you do not have to worry as My Mind Speaks have brought a complete guide on what shoes to wear with your jeans according to the place you are heading.


Sneakers with Jeans

Sneakers top the list of what shoes to wear with jeans as it is is one of the most common, comfortable yet stylish footwear to carry off with jeans. Sneakers can never go wrong whether you are going to watch a match with your friends, heading for a coffee date with your loved one, or going to the park for a walk with your pet.


These minimalist pair of footwear goes off with almost any kind of jeans. Most people(especially men) consider wearing white sneakers with a pair of blue denim, but all that they forget is to use a stain cleaner. With white sneakers, you have to b really careful of the stains. A pair of white sneakers only suits with the jeans when they are as white as milk. Unless your white sneakers aren’t really white, it would be a major fashion faux pas. Because blue jeans make dirty white sneakers look more unclean.


Footwear that looks dapper with jeans is loafers. A narrow bottom pin rolled pair of jeans goes great with loafers. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that the colour of the loafers is the most important aspects to consider. Always go for the right colour that best suits your jeans. Never opt for some extraordinary colour of loafers in order to look unique; you will end up looking foolish. Thus, always choose the colours of the shoes which go great with your jeans. This implies to almost all the footwear, but majorly for loafers.



One of the perfect pair of shoes to wear with jeans is trainers. Some people might consider trainers as old fashioned footwear, but if you have a cool pair of trainers, you are going to ace the pair of jeans any day. Even though trainers do not get along well with every occasion, but if you possess a sporty personality, trainers are going to suit you with your jeans. Also, if you have small feet, trainers have got you covered. Wearing trainers make your small feet look fuller.

Chelsea Boots

Most men assume that if they have a couple of formal and casual shoes, its more than enough but little so they know that the shoes reflect your personality. If you wear shoes, accordingly, you are going to give a great impression. Chelsea boots are one of the best shoes to wear with jeans when it is snowing or even in the rain. These boots get along with any kind of weather very well. Chelsea boots do not have laces; instead, they have elastic pads on both sides. These elastic pads make it easy for you to wear them on or take them off easily.  

Hiking Boots

Fortunately, these extraordinary boots fall in the casual category; hence you can wear them for work. If you have got bored of wearing the same pairs of formal shoes at your work, try these hiking boots with your formal-ish denim to give a classy look. These boots look perfect with wide-legged denim; a narrow bottom jean will make it look a bit harsh. So, if you are running short of footwear for work, grab a few pairs of these hiking shoes, we bet even your boss won’t resist complimenting you.

hiking boot

Casual Shoes

When we say casual, we do not mean careless. Casual means to buy a pair of shoes which looks great with your jeans effortlessly. If you have good casual footwear, you can even flaunt a low-key look. The key is to complement every element of the dressing with each other. If you wear a pair of leather boots with ripped jeans, it would surely look horrible. Hence casual shoes would go perfectly with ripped denim. Moccasins, Converse, boat shoes, loafers, etc. fall in the casual shoe category. You can choose from them according to the occasion and place you are going.


The slip-on shoes are going to look impeccably stylish with a pair of dark blue jeans and a shirt jacket. The slip-ons can get along with almost every type of jeans, be it ripped, casual, skinny, flared, etc. And the best part is that they are super easy to wear. Just glide your foot and tada it’s on! Narrow bottom jeans, v-neck shirt, and a pair of Slip-on shoes is a combo which every man must have in his casual wardrobe. We do not know under which rock you are living if you haven’t tried wearing these super comfortable yet stylish shoes.

Open-lacing Boots

Of you live in a wetter region of this world, then wearing low-top shoes would be a no-no. To style your denim, you must get a hand on some stylish open lacing boots. They not only save your feet from getting wet but also prevent your feet from cold. Also, they help you to cross huge puddles or snow while you walk. These are one of the best shoes to wear with jeans in a region where it snows and rains frequently.

So, enough of the style mantra, for now, we hope that you find this blog interesting and informative.


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