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If you are one of those people, who find stocks, financial markets, and bonds interesting, then perceiving a financial career is the most incredible choice. But with many financial career opportunities, you might get confused which job you should opt for with a major in finance degree. With finance being a vast field, there are many financial career opportunities you can select.

There are many financial career options available for enthusiastic individuals with appropriate skills and credentials. Read this My Mind Speaks article to know more about financial career opportunities. 

Financial Career Opportunities

Having a financial career doesn’t mean you’ll start playing in dollars instantly. Being a major in business or finance, getting a degree is a must. After getting the degree, you can have a close analysis of the available options to decide which sector will suit you best according to your skills. 

Skills Required:

  • For perceiving a tremendous financial career, it is essential to possess analytical skills to analyze financial statements and appraising financial standings for different businesses, market, companies, etc.
  • The individuals should know how to access the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of business issues and evaluate the financial actions of the corporate and individual.
  • For excelling a financial career, an individual needs to acquire the skill to handle spreadsheets and other analytical software for representing and processing the financial data.
  • They should have the ability to present financial information to colleagues and clients.

Financial Career Choices for Individuals

In this blog post of My Mind Speaks, we will enlighten you with some best financial career opportunities for individuals who have done major in business or finance. If you possess an academic background of business or investment the doors are open for you for almost every industry. Before opting any field, consider your personality, skills, interest, etc. here are a few essential financial career opportunities that individuals should explore:

Investment Banking

Investment banking is considered as one of the best financial career options for business or finance major. As an investment banker, you have to work on financial modeling analysis. Your role as an investment banker is to help the corporate sector to decide company opportunities that are appropriate for the business. As an investment banker, you have to propose decisions like should a company should or should not merge with another company. Strategic decisions like where should a company invest which trade exchange should the company go for. With a handsome compensation, this job requires long working hours. Hence it is one of the best financial career options; many individuals are going for investment banking to kick start their financial career.

Financial Analyst

If you are looking for the best financial career opportunities, and you have an interest in stocks and bonds, then being a financial analyst would be perfect for you. These analysts perform researches about companies and industries to assist corporate officers, investors, and bankers with stick and bond offerings.

Financial analysts generate financial models and perform complex quantitative analyses. The jobs in the financial analysis field are growing exponentially because of the attractive salary package. But you should keep in mind that you must possess great analysis skills to excel in the financial analysis field.

Insurance Broker

The demand for insurance products is increasing day by day. This enhances financial career opportunities for individuals who want to pursue their career as a finance broker. There are two types of people doing the same job, the insurance agent, and the insurance broker. The significant and only difference between them both is that a broker sells insurance products only from a specific insurer. While an insurance agent sells insurance products from multiple insurers. You can sell insurance products to individuals as well as businesses. All you need is basic marketing and selling skills. Though there is a lot of effort in this job, the compensation is quite attractive.

Budget Analyst

A budget analyst implements financial principles for proposals and projects of the company. Many companies, government sectors, the educational industry, and non-profit organizations hire a budget analyst. This is one of the perfect financial career opportunities to give a brilliant start to your career.

If you possess brilliant communication skills, then you are the perfect fit for the job. The primary task of a budget analyst is to analyze the budget and evaluating the financial impacts of the current business and new businesses. Along with excellent communication skills, having professional analytical skills are also essential for this job.

Risk Management

A risk management team gives advice on how to maximize returns by analyzing market risks, acknowledging them about the chances of a bad investment. They also assist in assuring that the business side of the company is implementing the strategies appropriately. For individuals who have an interest in strategy and analysis, this is one of the best financial career opportunities.


If your core is accounting, then opting for the accountant job is the best option. An accountant interprets, critique, and constructs financial statements. An accountant must have excellent accounting skills and should know how to analyze business problems. An entry-level accountant job can become a gateway to provide you financial career opportunities. If you know how to present financial statements to colleagues and clients through presentations, graphs, and other visual aids then you should definitely adopt accountancy as a career. The basic pay scale might not be much satisfactory, but there is a lot of chances for you to grow.

Market Maker

A market maker is a trader that facilitates trading and is very much in demand these days. They stand ready to sell and buy security. They earn profit from selling and buying customers products. If the bid spread is wider, there are chances for you to make more profit. If you have excellent brokers’ skills, then opt for this career.

These were some of the financial career opportunities which are quite in demand in the market. We hope that this My Mind Speaks article would have helped to make your mind clear to choose the best financial career option.

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