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Renovation is something we all love to do at our house. And when this renovation is not so costly, it’s like cherry on the top. Before you start renovating your home, consider those spaces first which you use the most like your kitchen, bathroom, etc. Yes, the bathroom is a functional place, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be trendy and stylish. Just like you use wall decor to decorate your walls. You should also consider bathroom designs for home.

Bathrooms and kitchens are not those places which you rip apart now and then. That is why you need to do a little homework before concerning the bathroom designs for home. Designing a bathroom is not as easy as some wall decor. But you can make your bathroom look attractive to your guests and enjoy the moment when they praise you for your creativity. You can do small changes or can completely renovate your bathrooms it totally depends on you. You can find many ideas for bathroom designs for home. But the ideas which My Mind Speaks has brought for you are creative and unique. Try these designs to make your bathrooms look exciting and attractive.

All Black Theme

Many people don’t consider black as a proper shade for the bathroom. Because it makes your space look a little smaller. But if the color is used appropriately, the bathroom looks stylish yet beautiful. If you are a person who prefers classic themes then black can be an excellent option. 

Pulling off an all-black bathroom can be a bit difficult. But if the bathroom is large and has lots of natural light then this can be one of the best bathroom designs for home. Black is always in fashion and trends. If you do not like an all-black theme you can make only a few things black like wall decor or the sanitary ware. Also, with a few changes, you can refresh the bathroom look once in a while at a low cost. 

Bath Design

Glass Exposed Shower

Glass Exposed Shower is the latest trend. It looks stylish yet elegant. The exposed shower has a shower knob attached to the exposed pipe with the other end connected to an elegant shower head. You can divide your toilet and shower area with glass. This makes your washroom look elegant and lavish. The glass can be simple, transparent or you can also use textured glass to give a semi-transparent look. 

The exposed shower system is totally fixed outside exposing all the plumbing. You can use stylish and attractive pipe color and designs which will give your system a creative touch. The usage of shower curtains are old and dull, you can use the glass divider which looks attractive yet different. Exposed showers are the new trend for bathroom designs for home. 

Matte Tiles

The usage of glossy tiles is long gone. matte is the new trend. Many people matte for everything even for the wall decor. You might be considering matte as one of the boring ideas for bathroom designs for home. But the truth is matte gives your bathroom a neat and subtle look. The best thing is that matte tiles do not highlight the smudges or marks of water.

 These tiles are really popular as bathroom designs for the home because they give the elegant and fine feel and look. If you want to install matte tiles, make sure your bathroom has lots of artificial and natural light. The matte tiles are easy to maintain as they do not neat polishing too much. A fine mop only can work to give your bathroom a tidy look. 

Neutral Colors

bright colors like red, yellow, blue, etc are not a great pick for bathroom. And it won’t be a trend, not at least soon. In fact, people love neutral colors especially white when it comes to bathroom designs for home. Many people use neutral colors for wall decor too. 

The nude neutrals like cream or grey can be your favorite pick as it gives such an amazing look and feel. Beige is also a popular choice amongst the house owner for their bathroom designs for home. Most of the people feel relaxed as they go to their washrooms; neutral colors give your bathroom a relaxing vibe. From the ceiling, flooring to sanitary ware, you can use this color for all. If you fear that your bathroom might look lifeless, you can use different layers of neutral shades to give an attractive look. 

Wall Mounted Toilets

People use compact toilets to save space and as one of the best ideas for bathroom designs for home. But this can be achieved through installing wall-mounted toilets also. A wall-mounted toilet does not touch the floor; it saves your space as well as gives a stylish look to your toilet. You can install the toilet seat on the wall and can use different creative ideas for the wall decor. 

Yo0u can install a comfortable elongated seat still the compact look won’t vanish. The wall-mounted seat gives an elegant and tidy look because the half of the system is tucked inside the wall. You can choose the height of the toilet according to your suitability. You can make the trap way glazed to make it quite non-stick.

So, these were the top bathroom designs for the home which My Mind Speaks enlisted for you. Implement these bathroom designs for home to give your bathroom a unique and attractive look.


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