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A number of teenagers have become a victim of cyberbullying and many are at the risk of experiencing online harassment. The widespread adoption of smartphones has increased your kids’ probabilities of exposing to bullies. The victims of this online danger have been suffering from mental and psychological issues. Parents are needed to take steps to safeguard their children from this threat. There is a cell phone spy app that enables parents to protect kids from cyberbullying and many other online dangers. The spy app keeps parents updated about their kids’ digital behaviour, so they could prevent them from wrongdoings. Read on to know how you can use TheOneSpy app to protect teens from online harassment.

What is Cyberbullying?

The use of mobile phones and computers to tease, harass, offend and humiliate someone is termed as cyberbullying. Have you ever seen humiliating comments on a social media post? It is an example of online harassment. The threatening messages, offending posts and harassing emails are also examples of online bullying.  

The OneSpy Child Monitoring Solution

It is undeniable that post millennial teens spend most of their time using mobile phones. It is important to know what they do on these cell phones. If they are not using this powerful technology appropriately they are likely to encounter several problems. The unsupervised mobile phone use can make your kid a victim of bullying or any other online crime.

Parents are needed to supervise the digital behavior of children to ensure their protection. TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app keeps parents informed of their kids’ mobile phone activities. It provides access to kids’ chats, phone calls, photos, videos, passwords and important information. Once you install the app on your kid’s phone, you can track their whereabouts; follow their social media accounts and access mobile phone data.

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How to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying with TheOneSpy

Many kids do not inform their parents about their involvement in cyberbullying. Most of them think that their parents could not help them and they are right to some extent. Usually, parents do not take this issue seriously or fail to handle it appropriately. Rather than providing moral support to a kid in combating the bully, they get angry on the child. They scold kid and blame for inappropriate and excessive mobile phone use.

Parents need to stay calm and handle the matter with cool mind. Moreover, with the use of cell phone spy app parents can get to know if their kid is facing harassment. The app provides access to kid’s mobile phone data including messages, call logs, media files, social media posts and emails. Read on to know what features inform parents about cyberbullying.   

Track Bullying Messages

The cell phone spy app provides access to messages sent and received by your kids. If your kid is receiving harassing messages from someone, the app lets you know about it. The monitoring software provides access to incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, social media chats, instant messages, group chats and one-on-one chats. The app also provides contact detail of message senders and receivers, so the bully could be identified.  

Listen to Bullying Calls

What if your kid is receiving threatening calls from an unidentified enemy? The cell phone parental control app lets you listen to the phone calls of your kids by getting incoming and outgoing calls recorded. It secretly records all calls and uploads to the online portal from where you can retrieve them anytime. Also, you can access the contact detail of the caller and recipient. The app allows blocking calls from the bully without accessing the mobile phone. You can do this via web based control panel of TheOneSpy.

Track Bullying Emails

If someone is sending harassing emails to your kid, the spy app lets you know about it. You can read all inward and outward emails of your children without accessing their phones. The app syncs and uploads emails of Gmail account to the online control panel from where you can evaluate them.

Monitor Social Media

The parental control app allows supervising social media accounts of your kids including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr among others. You can see all posts and read chats and comments so you never miss bullying stuff if there is any.

Live Screen Recording

You can protect children and teens from all possible online vulnerabilities that possess threats. Cell phone monitoring software empowers you to perform live screen recording of children’s mobile phone devices. You will be able to make back to back short videos of the screen in real-time and then send the recorded videos to the web portal. Further, you can visit the online control panel of the mobile phone tracking software and can view the videos and stay informed about kids’ and teens’ activities performed using their digital phones.

Remote Phone Controller

It is the best tool for parents to prevent children from doing dangerous online activities that can lead them to online predators. Let’s suppose your child is sending messages to the stranger, or receiving an incoming or using the internet for sharing something risky that can become the factor of slut-shaming and online bullying. So, you can remotely block text messages, block incoming calls and even block the internet access on the target device.

The Bottom Line

The android parental control app keeps you informed of your kid’s online and offline activities without letting your kids know that you are tracking their phones. If you find bullying material on your kid’s phone, you can take the necessary steps to prevent your kid from online persecution.

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