Surely everybody loves to experience something new and exciting. And if that new thing is in the heavenly city of Cappadocia, it’s like the cherry on the top. This My Mind Speaks article is for people who want to fly as free as birds and are fond of this mystical country Turkey.

Though there are many places in Turkey which are jaw-droppingly awesome, the hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia are one of the main attractions there. Let us share with you what and how you can witness the beauty of the city through the hot air balloon.

The Origin of Hot Air Balloon

It all started with the development of a hydrogen balloon in 1783 which was named The Globe. This balloon traveled 15 miles with an altitude of 3000 ft.

The first hot air balloon with passengers was launched on 19th September 1783; it carried a sheep, a duck, and a rooster. This balloon was made up of paper and cloth. And it reached approximately 6000 ft and had a safe landing.

The Famous City of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is insanely famous for its hot air balloon tours. This city is considered as the center of hot air balloon tours in Turkey. The first hot air balloon flight in Turkey was in 1991 by a German tour company. After that, many companies started the business of hot air ballooning in Turkey and especially in Cappadocia. Now, Cappadocia has become the benchmark for providing amazing hot air balloon flights.

In the field of hot air balloon tours, Cappadocia is number one with the tourist count of 450 thousand. Proper agencies are working in Cappadocia that provides and looks after the hot air balloon tours. Even vocational training schools are offering associate degree program as a balloon pilot. Yet today, Cappadocia is still signing developing partnership projects in the hot air balloon market.

If you are willing to experience Cappadocia’s breathtaking landscape from the top, then you must consider the following things:

Schedule Your Tour

If you want to watch the heavenly view of Cappadocia from the top then the timing has to be perfect. For this, you have to schedule your tour perfectly. The hot air balloon tours are mostly arranged in the early morning. Schedule your trip accordingly and wear your watches as it will help you in controlling the wind. If you time it perfectly, you can witness the most beautiful sunrise with an amazing view of this spectacular city.

Friends exploring the foreign city

Just Go With The Flow

Usually, people are concerned, how the hot air balloon will work and what are they going to experience. Many people also ask questions about the route of the hot air balloon flight, but actually, the truth is, hot air balloon has no specific route.

Every flight has a distinctive route than the other. Because the balloon is totally under the control of the wind. It flies according to the wind flow. But this does not mean that no safety measures are taken. The tour company through which you’ll fly in the hot air balloon looks after all the security. So, the best approach is to loosen yourself and enjoy the splendid flight without worrying about the route and things.

Do Not Forget The Camera

When you are all ready for the amazing experience of a hot air balloon, do not forget to take your camera with you. The surrealistic view of the amazing flying condition is worth capturing. We are pretty sure you do not want to miss how the balloon gently drifts over the city, through the beautiful valleys, over the fairy chimneys, above the mystic city.

Bringing along your camera and capturing these beautiful moments is a must. You will love seeing these photos once you leave this place and want to recall this beautiful tour. So while packing up the things for the trip, do not forget to keep the camera or else you’ll end up regretting later.

 Celebrate Your Special Day

Hot air balloon tours usually carry 10 persons in a single flight. But if you want to celebrate your special day, you can book a hot air balloon just for you and your loved ones.

You can wish the person during the fight, propose them and can make a special announcement to make the day more special in a unique way. In summers most;y people book a hot air balloon in Cappadocia to celebrate their special day high above the beautiful city.

Adore the beautiful view

You can experience all the beautiful spots of Cappadocia through the hot air balloon flight in a short time. Pigeon Valley, Three grace and different interesting places can be seen from the above. You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this city and can’t resist yourself from admiring it. The hot air balloon trip is the best way to view the city in less time.

Hopefully, through this My Mind Speaks blog article you might have got an idea about the hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia.

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