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Do you feel your walls are boring and dull while staring at them unintentionally? Thinking of hiring an interior design expert to eliminate the dullness of your walls? Considering wall decor is what runs in your mind? Well, you will get the solution to all these questions in this blog of My Mind Speaks.

Wall decor is not as complicated as you think. You can turn your underwhelming and undecorated walls into exciting and lively by just applying some simple and creative interior design ideas.

An empty wall usually looks like a blank canvas. And you can turn your imagination into reality on this canvas. Wall decor provides a variety of ideas for making your wall look lively. Don’t leave your walls dull or unattractive.

Follow these creative ideas to give your walls a refreshing and exciting look

1. Create a Photo Gallery

Instead than letting your beautiful pictures sitting in your photo albums or phone gallery, frame them and hang them on your empty wall. Nothing can beat the idea of hanging your amazing memories on the wall as wall decor. This will give your wall a striking look, and you can always cherish and feel happy every time you pass through the wall. This interior design idea will cost you some frames and lots of sweet memories with your friends and family.

Get all the pictures hanged from corner to corner, giving the wall a wide gallery look. In your spare time, you can sit in front of this huge wall gallery and cherish your beautiful memories.

2. Hang Old Windows

You can collect a few frames of old windows and use them as wall decore by gently hanging them on the wall in asymmetry. This creativity will cost you a zero buck as you can collect them from your old house. Or ask your friends and family who have just renovated their home to give you some old windows which are in stable condition. You can hang windows of different designs, shapes, and colors.

Utilizing this interior decor idea will give your wall a creative and different look. We bet that your guests won’t stop themselves from appreciating this creativity of yours.

3. Decorate with Multiple Plates

You can buy some reasonable plastic plates from some store near you. Try to find the plain ones as they can transform into a great wall decor piece. Buy the plain plastic plates, decorate them with different color paints and colors. Paste them on your wall. And woohoo you’re done.

You will only need some plastic plates, a few colour paints and adhesive material.

This budget-friendly interior design idea will not consume much time. Plus it will provide a unique and colorful impact to your dull and boring wall. Try this creative idea and enjoy the bright vibe that you will get whenever you will walk by or stand in front of the wall. If you do not like too many colors, you can also paste different images on the plates to give them a unique look.

4. Paste Fabric on the Entire Wall

If you do not want to get in the hassle of painting, cover the whole wall with an attractive fabric. Paste the cloth on the wall gently. The fabric can be of any color or design that you like. You can go from pure monotone fabric to metallic patterned print.

This wall decor idea will give your wall a different look. The design, color, print of fabric will portray your choice or mood, so be careful while choosing that particular cloth. This idea also is not too much expensive; you only need a few meters of fabric. A little bit of effort for pasting will give your wall a new and changed look.

5. Make your own Chalkboard

A chalkboard is yet another good idea for wall decor. You can simply make the wall of your living room or kitchen as a chalkboard. You can daily or weekly change the design of the chalkboard. This type of DIY idea is different and unique. And all the members of your family can enjoy that wall. If you love to do calligraphy, this idea can work best for you.

You can try different fonts on this wall for your practice. This wall can also work as sticky note reminders; you can write your reminders on this wall. You will only need to paint your wall with chalkboard wall paint, and you’re good to go. Grab some colorful chalks and decorate the wall in whatever way you want to.

6. Use Artificial Flowers and Make a Heart

If your anniversary is near, or the valentine’s day is just around the corner, and you want to surprise your partner with a gesture of love. Make a big heart of artificial red roses on the wall.

This wall decor idea will make your partner happy. Just buy a few bouquets of artificial roses from the store, cut their stems and paste them on the wall in the form of a heart. Just make sure that apply the glue right away so that the buds won’t fall apart. You can also try other flowers in your partner’s choice. This wall decor idea will not only make your wall look beautiful but will also make your partner feel special.

Try these fantastic interior design ideas for your wall decor will give your wall a new and different look. These hacks are comfortable and quite reasonable. Just a small amount of time and effort will turn your dull and boring walls into vibrant and exciting.


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