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There is nothing more frustrating than a long flight where you cannot utilize any of the tips for entertainment. If you are one of those lucky people who fall asleep during a flight then congratulations, you are fortunate. But if you also face the dilemma of boredom in the plane, then this My Mind Speaks article is the perfect read for you to entertain yourself during flight.

Long flights mean maximum hours of absolute boredom because there is no way you can go out and roam around. Staying on a seat for long hours can cause you frustration. Back in the days when technology was not common, boarding on a plane for long flights was very dull and boring but thanks to the evolution of the technology that now everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet for their daily usage. We have no idea under which rock you are living if you do not own a smartphone in this era of advanced gadgets and technology. To entertain yourself during flight, here are some amazing tried and tested tips for entertainment we hope you would surely love.

Play Mobile Games

If you are on a flight with no wifi, then you do not have to worry about how you would entertain yourself during flight. You just need to download a few offline games before boarding on the plane. You can kill your time by playing offline games during your flight. The Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore is filled with various offline games. Whether its a word puzzle or some car racing, you can download according to your choice. This is one of the most used tips for entertainment while you are on a plane. So, if you are bored, just switch your phone to flight mode and start playing the amazing offline games.

Learn a New Language

If you are traveling to a new place and not familiar with the native language, then a long flight can be the best opportunity for you to learn the language and entertain yourself during flight. You can download the app for new language learning prior to your boarding. There are numerous apps that provide offline services for language translation. This is one of the best tips for entertainment you have ever come across. Simply download the app and kill your spare time during the flight by translating the language of the place you are about to travel. In this way, your boring flight can convert into a productive one.

Read Your Favorite Book

We know this is one of the most common tips for entertainment while you are onboard. But nothing can be as interesting as reading your favourite book or books during a long flight. Carrying a book along is quite common with people who love to read. If you do not want the hassle of carrying the books, you can download the e-books from the Playstore to read it later during your flight. You can find a variety of books online which you can read while offline, this will help you a lot to pass the time in the plane.

Young man traveling by airplane and reading a book.


This might sound quite old fashioned to many people, as we have only seen our grannies knitting. But many of the women still knits their kid’s cardigans, sweaters, etc. If you are a mother or a mommy-to-be, you can bring along your stuff required for knitting and give it a shot. As you have got plenty of time, you can finish knitting beanie or some mittens before the plane lands. If you are a beginner, you can download some tutorials about how to knit and learn knitting during your flight.

Listen to Music

One of the best tips for entertainment during a long flight is to listen to your favorite music on your smartphone. Many people have an offline playlist which they enjoy when there is no internet access. You can also download your favourite songs before leaving for the airport and enjoy your flight with your favourite music. Most airline companies provide headphones, but you keep your Airpods or earphones in case if it is not available on the flight. Just plug in your earphones, click the play button, sit back and enjoy the long hours of your flight.

Make a to-do List

If you are taking a long flight for your vacations, but haven’t planed what you are going to do at your destination, then making a to-do list is one of the best tips for entertainment. You can mention famous places and tourist attractions about the place you are visiting. You can also list the things you want to buy when you go for the shopping spree. You can also list down the places you have already visited and places you want to explore. Mention the new foods you want to try. All in all, you can make a list of all the things which you are planning to do on your trip.

Binge-Watch TV Series

If there are any TV series which you are planning to watch since quite a long time but have been busy, then this is the right time to watch all your favorite seasons. You can easily download your TV series from ITunes, Netflix, etc. to watch them offline. So, when you do not know how to entertain yourself during flight, just download your favorite TV series, grab a few packs of snacks, and binge-watch them once you are onboard.

Read News and Magazines

Being on a flight does not mean you cannot catch up to the news. There are many ways you can read the news; the airlines provide various newspapers and magazines. You can have a read or can read the news article on your safari browser which you marked as read later. You can read the magazines also by simply opening a few tabs on your browser before boarding when you have an internet connection. Leave those tabs opened, when you want to read the article, simply reopen the browser and enjoy your read.

Learn Some Tutorials

 We know that everybody has something on their list of learning. Whether its origami or some magic tricks, you have got plenty of time on your flight to learn.  Before leaving for the airport, download a few tutorial videos of whatever you want to learn, by some material which you might need, and entertain yourself during flight by learning something new. This would be the time that you will love doing something creative and interesting.

Make Your Future Plans

If you are really bored on a long flight, just grab a pen and a paper and start planning what you want to do in the next five years. You can pen down your goals and the possible ways through which you can achieve them.


If you have been through a rough schedule, no other time is best for relaxation than a long flight. Simply shut down every single thought from your mind and relax!

So, these were some amazing yet simple ways to pass your time on a long haul flight. Do share with us which other ways you use to entertain yourself during flights


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